Many people are on a journey towards spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is the realization of a higher level of consciousness. Gaining an understanding of spiritual growth is the first step on the path towards achieving it. The road to spiritual growth is an ever constant one. There is no right or wrong way to travel. Simply the act of working towards it is an achievement.

Spiritual growth is a paradigm of self awareness. Self awareness is a big part of moving towards increased spiritual growth. Learning what you really feel or think is important. In order to grow you need to first understand where you are. The way to do that is through authenticity.

Finding your authentic self is a process of discovery. If you’ve used masking to cover certain areas of your life you’ll need to peel away those masks to uncover the real you. The process is somewhat like peeling an onion. You’ll need to peel away the layers that are not real to get to the main core. This main core of your being is where you need to begin to experience spiritual growth.

Spiritual growth is a very personal matter. Some people are further along in their journey than others. It’s important to understand this fact so you don’t judge or compare your spiritual growth to that of other people. The personal experience along the journey is actually the benefit you receive. You’ve probably heard that it’s not the destination but the journey. This is particularly true of the spiritual journey. The journey itself is the destination.

As you begin your quest for spiritual growth the important thing to remember is to simply stay on track. The progress may feel slow at times but as long as you are still on the path you’re fine. Everyone moves along the path as their own speed and in their own time. To stay on track remember to ask yourself if your actions are bringing you closer to your spiritual growth. If not it’s likely that the action is not necessary.

Your authentic self is deep inside and is waiting to come out. Many people have been unknowingly suppressing their authentic self as they pursue life. Now it’s time to get back to your true self and find out more about what makes you YOU. The journey begins here and is an interesting and fulfilling one.

There is no one path to spiritual growth. Everyone has his or her own path to take. Therefore the path that someone else sets forward may not be the path that is right for you. As you begin to learn your own authentic thoughts you need to start listening to your intuition. Your intuition is simply your authentic self. Sometimes you need to get very quiet to be able to hear your own voice.

Meditation is the tool you can use to listen to your own voice. The process is a simple one. It brings your mind to a totally relaxed state where the only thoughts are authentic ones. You learn to focus rather than multi-task. The focus will help you learn more about yourself and your own feelings and values. Start with meditation techniques for beginners to assist you as you learn to meditate.

The road to self awareness and spiritual growth is continuous. The fact that you want to start down that road is the important fact. Start now and begin to travel on the road. As you grow spiritually you’ll find that though the journey is never over it is the path itself that helps you grow.

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