It can feel rather odd coaching a team if you're not used to or experienced at it. You will know what I mean if you've ever done it. Whether you're coaching children or adults it can be a great test of your patience, not to mention your ability to stay sane in times of confusion! Standing on the sidelines telling people what to do does sound and feel a little wrong, but what's the key to doing it well and successfully?

Coaching is the same whether in sport, work, or any other discipline. You are always going to have the stereotypical characters. Some of the delegates are going to be successful, some sit on the sidelines, waiting for someone to give them a break, and others are the successful ones ‘groupies'. No ‘I in team'? You'll find that you're going to have bad losers wherever you may be.

Successful coaching needs dedication and determination

1. Team Building. I'm sure you will have heard about ‘Corporate Team Building', designed to unite your team into one well oiled working unit. You'll have seen the options available: white water rafting, rock climbing, games and the like. Other tools readily available include books, readymade courses and DVDs that management can buy and apply in the workplace. Read on for more ideas.

2. Motivation is almost tangible, and it's waiting for you to grab it with both hands. It is ready made, and ready to go as soon as you are. Think of 3 ways, no matter how small, to look forward to the next day.

3. No matter what subject you have graduated in, all you have really proved so far is that you have the ability to learn. Be a ‘people person', inspire people to action and see the results unfold in your team.

That's probably the extent of what you need to know. Don't view the coach with the same disgust as you perhaps did your teachers at school, he's there to help, not to make your life a misery or to expose your weaknesses. A company needs to be successful to keep you in a job, for one thing and the whole team is an integral part of that success. Make them and you proud of yourself.

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