In Hinduism, God is depicted not only as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that we find in Christianity, but also as the Divine Mother. These diverse aspects of God spring forth from the concept and being of Ishvara.

Ishvara is the Lord of the universe from which springs the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Ishvara is the hidden man of the heart, the fount of all mysticism and communion with the holy of holies. He releases the inner key and the energy by which we become immortal.

Brahma is the creator, the supreme ruler and the lawgiver of the universe, both in form and formless. His consort is Sarasvati and together, they manifest the masculine and feminine potential of this cosmic force that is an energy, a consciousness a spirit and the living, moving, dancing image of the Hindu deity.

Brahma is the divine essence of power that manifests in the heart of every ascended master and in the heart of every lightbearer unascended, that manifests as the blue plume of the threefold flame. Sarasvati is the incarnation of the word, Vach, the creative essence of sound. She is an incarnation of the motherhood of God and is associated with speech, poetry, music and culture. She is revered as the Goddess of the Word, the Goddess of Learning and the Patroness of the Arts and Music. Her symbol is the swan for purity.

Vishnu represents the Son, who preserves the grand design of creation and restores the universe to light with the living flame of wisdom. He is the mediator who intercedes between humanity and the absolute reality of the Father. When the forces of darkness get the upper hand on earth, Vishnu incarnates as an avatar, a world savior as in the case of Rama and Krishna. Vishnu also abides in our heart as the yellow plume of divine illumination blazing in our heart.

Vishnu's consort is Lakshmi, who is revered for her splendor, beauty, prosperity and wealth. Lakshmi incarnated as Sita, Radha and Rukmini. She restores our oneness with God and will multiply in manifold ways the divine matrix dear to our hearts. Her symbols are the lotus and the elephant for, signifying spiritual power and royal authority.

Shiva represents the Holy Spirit. his name in Sanskrit means auspicious and kind. He is the giver of joy and the shepherd of souls. Shiva is also Nataraja, Lord of the Dance, who dances the universe into being, then dances it out of existence at the end of an age. He abides on the summit of Mount Kailas, as well as in the pink plume of divine love upon the altar of the heart. We can call upon him to help us overcome negative habits by shouting his name, Shiva!

Shiva has three consorts, Durga, Kali and Parvati. Parvati is the gentle mother and wife, full of grace and beauty. Together, they have a son, Skandha who is also known as Karttikeya, the god of war, who is also identified with Sanat Kumara.

Durga is called the unfathomable one, terrible and menacing to her enemies. She rides on the back of a tiger, which represents the tyrant human ego of our lower nature. She manifests herself again and again to protect the world and all of God's children, as she vanquishes every demon. Kali is the most fearsome of Shiva's consorts and has fierce, blazing eyes and a terrifying countenance. Her wrath is unleashed on all of our human delusions and she destroys all of the human creation that cannot withstand the trial by fire of the Holy Spirit. Simultaneously, she bestows blessings on all who seek knowledge of God.

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