Quote: “Unite all planes of expressions within your personality and transcend the duality world of conflicting opposites.”

We approach the world in the form of duality and judge others for not fitting into our perception of reality. Internally, we struggle with the mind from tug of war and project this energy of turmoil out into the world. Do not look down on others. We are extensions of each other. Integrate all sides within your inner being without perceiving opposites in everything that exists. Where you taught to believe in right or wrong? It would be unfair to judge others for singing a different song. We struggle with the world from the struggles within ourselves and wonder why we cannot reach our Higher Self. God created the Universe as One. We are the ones who created separations and divisions. To understand duality, accept the world as compliments of polarities. One side of the pole is a compliment to the other. What a metaphor! This is how we should feel towards one another.

Dualities are opposites that complement each other. Contrary to what you believe, they stand apart but cannot exist without the other. Opposites attract. They represent equality to be exact. The mind suffers from stress when we criticize ourselves for not feeling accepted. We feel unaccepted when others are judged for being total opposites. The individuals we have a problem with are reflections of the opposite side we choose to resist within us. Opposites exist for a complementary reason. How do you approach the different times and seasons? The winter season you might feel a little depressed. Suddenly, when summer arrives, the sunshine relieves your stress. Each season is just as important. God created them specifically for times of reaping and sowing. Judging the world as good/bad or right/wrong separates the mind from seeing the Universe as One. You must overcome your greatest challenge by uniting your wholeness and creating inner balance. Illusions will continue to divide the mind unless we lift the veils of illusions and embrace our true side. We cannot accept others if we feel separated from within ourselves. Break the cycle and accept others for being their own individual self. What is the flip side to a coin? Heads or tails have separate sides but the coin still signifies as One. Remember, there are two sides to a story. When you are in a negative state of mind, call out to its complimentary opposite in a hurry. Do not run away to escape from the pressure. The positive side of the pole awaits to save you. Here are some examples to how polar opposites work together. Feminine/Masculine, Up/Down, Happy/Sad, Love/Hate, Work/Play, Black/White, Light/Dark, Sun/Moon, In/Out, Past/Present, Conscious/Unconscious, Right/Left, Winter/Spring, Summer/Fall. Polar opposites represent positive and negative expressions of our existence. They are a unit and symbolize peace and wholeness. Duality creates conflict and conflict creates wars. This is how the mind works when you refuse to accept the positive and negative sides of who you are. Transcend the Ego and you will not have to struggle with the mind anymore. The Ego rejects unity from living in the dark corners of duality. Duality treasures separateness. On the flip side, unity creates togetherness. Next we travel down the road to Polarities of Wholeness

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