With such an increasing competition in the market sector, an individual has to be competitive enough to cope up with his targets and get through his goals. Thus, there is an urgent need of professional and expert coaching in each and every type of business, and in each and every sector. No longer are big businesses simply turning to an executive coach to mend a problem but also hiring them permanently to get their help in working with the company’s senior executives and managers.
So,what is executive coaching?
Executive Coaches work for their clients towards precise proficient goals. These comprise:-

• Career evolution,
• Dealing efficiently with arguments,
• Implementation management,
• Developing strategic thinking,
• Managerial effectiveness,
• Handling career and personal modifications,
• Interpersonal and specialized communication,
• Developing executive existence,
• Putting together a helpful panel inside an organization.

Now, many associations make use of coaching as a technique to provide them with an edge and help them benefit in the ever changing and challenging world of business.
Are you a coach? Then are you ready to upgrade and enhance your expert skills, abilities and talents as a coach.Because many businesses are soon going to approach you. Its time you make big bucks this 2012 with many of the new trends in coaching.
Executive coaches will have to strive more and harder to make their executives reach higher targets due to greater increase in competition. New approaches such as leadership development should be studied by all coaches wanting to help grow their client’s business. Coaches will have to be more capable and willing to accept bigger challenges than they had faced in 2011. Because 2012 is going to be a BIG year for them!

What new trends should coaches opt for?
As it is rightly said by Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.” Thus, coaches should indeed change their process of executive coaching style with the help of all new emerging trends.
1. Energy leadership
The old golden days of taking personality tests to train executives are gone. The latest trends are all about the energy leadership. This type of leadership will assist the executives of the company to raise their energy levels and deal constructively with problems and issues among the employees. Energy leadership will help the executive to lessen the pressure of demands by customers, shareholders or employees.

2. Strategic planning
Coaches should come up with new and innovative ideas related to timelines and deadlines. Executives should be measured periodically on their success and coaches should also provide them a creative backup in case executives lose upon their deadlines. Thus, each and every step should be planned strategically in the direction of achieving both individual and company goals.

3. Line of attack
Coaches should first clarify and maintain an excellent relationship with the executives they train. Next, the new trend is that initially it is the coach who should commit to help the executive complete his target and thus, provide him with ways in which the executive can come up with clear ideas and directions towards achieving his goals. Coaches should be well-trained to help their client to sketch out a proper line of attack in order to achieve their goals, targets and desired outcomes.

4. Direct feedback
Feedback is one of the most important skills needed by all executive and corporate coaches and yet it is one of the areas most neglected.
A good coach needs to be able to give clear, concise constructors yet motivating and encouraging feedback to help their clients realise when they are both on target and also way off target.

Feedback can be a minefield, there is most definitely a right way and a wrong way of going about it.
Get it wrong, and you will not only destroy your relationship with your client but will severely damage your clients self-esteem and self belief

Therefore, coaches should be well trained to enter the business world of 2012 and let their abilities and talents make a huge difference to the corporate world and thereby increase their own value.

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