Link Bait is a link building service that involves placing content or tools on your websites that attracts curiosity and quickly draws attention to your website. Unlike other link building services, link bait draws natural links and there is no need to proactively search for links from webmasters. Bait linking provides viral internet marketing and, as one internet visitor reports to another, it produces a viral effect that can cause a sudden buildup of many links to your websites. You can create baits using all kinds of methods, tools, and information. However, uniqueness and being innovative is required to have an effective and successful linkbait campaign. The list below offers some of the successful bait ideas used on the Internet.

Give valuable gifts

One of the most effective link building bait techniques today is to offer quality free products and services on the Internet. People are easily attracted to free offers. You can offer free products like free software, e-books, video downloads, music downloads, website templates, resume templates, or free images. You can also provide free services like debt calculators, personality tests, free e-learning modules, free web hosting, free search tools, or free email accounts. By offering free products and services, you attract traffic. With traffic, you can market other products or provide commercial advertising services. Through these link building services, you can also retain traffic through the optional email log, and you can subtly sell products to them over time.

Controversial information

Controversial information is one of the very effective bait link building services available. Criticizing celebrities or providing controversial arguments has a way of driving traffic and links to your website. People easily get bored of the norm and are always looking for new and exciting information. Therefore, by providing such information, you can easily draw attention to your website.

Be the first to write on a topic

Having breaking news on your website can quickly drive traffic to your website. Continuously being the first to post information or analyze the news can easily attract link building from other websites. However, you must ensure that your source of information is correct. Credibility is key when it comes to link building services. An easy way to be the first to report is to subscribe to news alerts through Google. In this way, you will receive news alerts related to a keyword as soon as the news is published. Since most news websites only deliver objective news without analysis, you can immediately analyze and respond to that breaking news with a thorough and professional analysis of the news.

Do research or survey and provide quality results

Doing quality research is also another effective bait link building service. People like to provide statistics and cite sources, as this gives authenticity to their information. Therefore, by conducting key research within your niche area and providing findings, you can easily attract quality links from other website owners and content writers. An effective bait link building service is to create a ranking parameter to rank companies or gurus within your niche. By providing such a ranking and a detailed report on companies and gurus, you can easily attract links from these companies and gurus. Since companies and gurus generally have high ranking websites, the links will quickly propel your website to the first internet ranking.

Funny movie clips

Funny video clips or funny pictures also have a way of driving links and traffic to your website. If you are innovative, you can capture fun videos and make them appear on your website. You can also search for funny cartoons, images and movies from free downloadable websites and upload them to your website. Depending on the theme of your website and your niche industry, the fun features can be a pretty effective bait link building service.

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Link Bait is a link building service that involves placing content or tools on your websites that attracts curiosity and quickly draws attention to your website.