The emergence of smartphones on the market is believed by many to threaten the survival of basic, mid-range to low-range, point-and-shoot digital cameras. There was a major study by optical component experts Schneider Kreuznach that verified the capabilities of mobile phone photography. Approximately 1,000 camera users from different countries were interviewed on how they prefer to take pictures. Many of the interviewed camera users agreed that, due to the technologically advanced features of cell phones, they believe that the cameras on cell devices provide users with better quality images.

Only thirty-two percent of respondents said they would prefer to continue taking pictures with a digital camera. There were a large number of users in Asia who were very open to using smartphones for all their photography needs. More than half of Asia's people would gladly replace a point-and-shoot camera with a smartphone,

Smartphone manufacturers recognize the importance of optimizing the capabilities of your camera and producing models that have higher resolution with stronger lens systems. Many of the leading mobile phone producers are joining forces with leading specialist manufacturers of digital camera lenses to make these updates on future models. This will prove to be a strong team considering that many users will soon start using smartphones due to the other great features they offer. Smartphones have reached high levels of popularity due to the incredible features and applications that are available. Major cell phone manufacturers have also designed many Samsung Function accessories, Motorola Droid 3 accessories and even Samsung Conquer 4G accessories to help equip your mobile device.

With the increasing demand for higher quality smartphone cameras, manufacturers have started to act to meet these demands. Consumers are also beginning to realize that they no longer need to carry a digital camera and a cellular device to take photos. One of the current limitations of mobile device cameras is the limited amount of storage for photographic images. However, as the resolution becomes sharper as the number of megapixels increases, the storage capacity will increase.

Many of the high-end digital cameras are even more optimized for photography because they can take higher quality images than mobile devices. But casual photographers aren't as concerned about these differences. What draws many customers to mobile devices is that they offer many great features in one small, easy-to-carry device. With many technological advances to come, it won't be long before mobile devices can take photos with the same quality as high-end digital cameras.

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Use of smart phone cameras over digital cameras