Dreaming to be the next worldwide idol? Start sharing your songs now by simply maximizing your opportunity to use the Spotify Playlist Promotion, which means you can upload and share you musicskill with millions of Spotify users.

If you want to promote your work through spotify, you should claim your profile by joining Spotify for Artists feature. This feature will let you promote your story, your own music, the music that you love to listen to and your picture to let them know how you look like.

Therefore, the Spotify for Artists feature will let you control your registered profile by customizing it with how you want it to be like. After claiming your profile, just wait for the confirmation and for the signal that you can start accessing your account.

How will you submit your song? Spotify lets you submit your song even before it will be released in your album. That song will be added to the lists of Spotify Editors. This list is where the Editors select the songs to be included in the Spotify playlist. Furthermore, Spotify will also notify your followers and other users about your new or upcoming songs through the Release Radar Playlist.

Submitting your new song can be done in two ways. First you can click SUBMIT FROM NEXT RELEASE at the top of the Home tab. Second, click the Music tab where you can find the SUBMIT A SONG that you have to click. After doing either of the two ways, you will be led to filling out the needed information.

The more information you input, the higher the chance your song has for future promotions. In some cases, songs are not promoted or included in the playlist as soon as we want them to be, but you just need stand by because it may still be discovered and displayed.

In submitting your songs, there are few clarifications and tips that you have to know. First, the earlier you submit, the higher the chance you have because the Editors have enough time to evaluate your song. Second, if you submit song, it is left with the tag “Available Soon” which means that your song is under evaluation. Third, one of the main key indicators for getting a place on playlists is the quality of the song so when you do the production, you should also approach professionals.

The question is, how will you know that your songs are promoted or included on the playlists? Spotify will send you a message through e-mail informing you that your songs are already promoted.

Now, if you want to share your song, album or even the works of other from the Spotify through other social media like Facebook or Twitter, you can simply copy the link and paste it on the posting field of the media you use, then click post.

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