The current dynamic world offers numerous challenges on a daily basis which in most cases leads to stress. The challenges could root from commuting, working from 8 to 5 or even handling home chores after work. It is therefore recommended that you should develop good mental habits by letting go of stress. The unique thing is that with the hammock of a hanging chair, you are bound to swing and sway your stress away. It all narrows down to the vestibular system which will be highlighted in this article.

The Vestibular System

This is a system that is concerned with your sense of balance. It is simply how we reflect our spatial orientation and balance and how it comes in handy to the coordination of our movements. The vestibular system constitutes of semicircular canals, otoliths in your inner ear and the vision system as well. The adrenaline rush you get when you ride a roller coaster is also facilitated by this system. Swinging on the hammock engages our vestibular system which in turn leads to slow bursts of activity. The end results are that the brain ends up relaxing. In South and Central America, hammocks fitted in hammock stands have widely been used in the treatment of insomnia. They are therefore used as primary beds at night where individuals experience improved blood circulation and pressure.

Due to their close relationship with the vestibular system hammocks come in handy in children with autism. It provides some level of balance which in turn helps us orient ourselves with our surroundings. The natural swinging of the hammock is ideal for children with sensory issues and additionally, they achieve security and comfort form these unique tools. The top mental health benefits of a hammock include:

Better Sleep-As has seen above, gently swaying in a hammock is key in getting a good night’s sleep. It is a tested technique which involves your hammock holding to the shape of your body. It also provides support and this allows you to wake up feeling energized, refreshed and having enough willpower to face the day.

Reduced Physical Stress- The pains of the day can be quite acute. Did you know that some of these pains are caused by high levels of stress? The next time you have a headache, stomach upset or even muscle pain, just lie in your hammock. It does not have pressure points and hence it gets rid of pains in an easy manner.

Better Mental Focus- Basically, your body stays in an elevated mode when you lie in a hammock. This gives room for better circulation and this gets rid of congestion and toxins in your body. The brain, on the other hand, recharges efficiently as it gets ready for optimal productivity.

The above shows that cognitive health is greatly boosted through the use of the hammock stand. Make sure to get one so as to reap the above benefits.

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