Our beliefs are created through our lifetime of absorbed information. This information is sorted through brain filtering; in NLP descriptions, deleting, generalising and distorting the raw data that comes through our senses. Some of our beliefs are sound and obvious, generated through survival and evolution, others are less useful and can be limiting.

If, in childhood we are told we are not good enough in some way or are belittled, we can carry the negative belief as a truth for the rest of our lives. The encouraging news is that no matter how ingrained a belief may appear to be if you want to change it, it can be changed!

Having identified a negative limiting belief with the understandings from NLP and the power of the hypnotic state you can change beliefs quickly and permanently. With confirmation from the results of changed behaviour and attitude you will have imbedded a new and more productive belief in the conscious and unconscious mind.

The process of change generally starts with questions to discover what deletions, distortions and generalisations are being made, with re-frames and an emphasis on existing but neglected resources. In experienced hands this initial process is subtle and often in-direct with stories, metaphors and life examples to heighten awareness and provoke a sense of curiosity, good humour and ability to change. Once a new belief is established in the conscious mind as more useful than the old limiting belief, the processes of various NLP techniques can be used and empowered by creating a level of altered mental state commonly called hypnosis.

People often come to learn these skills by way of books or other media and can make some progress. But, the paradox is that only you can make the change happen. As we are social animals that need connection, personal interaction is the most effective catalyst. We need connection. We need to connect conscious intention with unconscious resources. We need to connect with a helper who we feel understands our current challenge and is focused on our outcome and cares.

With a skilful and caring Hypnotherapist or experienced NLP practioner self limiting beliefs can be changed and life can move on with more joy, fun and self expression than previously imagined. As Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) might say “personal history is only a record of the past and the future is filled with limitless possibilities”.

Author's Bio: 

Matthew A. Ferguson SQHP (Clinical hypnotherapist, Trainer of Hypnotherapy and NLP, Stress Consultant and Motivation Coach) – author of The Motivation Method to Stress Management with Positive Motivation. Matthew runs a training school based in Scotland teaching Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching to learn more visit http://www.motivationtraining.co.uk