The twenty first Nakshatra among the given twently seven Nakshatra is Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra. As per the Indian astrological beliefs, this particular Nakshatra is rightly situated on the lower phase of the (Lyra) - α Lyr - (Vega). On the other hand, it spans in the sidereal Vedic zodiac from 26”40" in Sagittarius to 10”00" in Capricorn. It is to be remembered that in comparison to the western tropical zodiac, the said Hindu zodiac has a slight difference of almost 25 & deg;. This can be perfectly understood by checking the details of Ayanamsa as per the Hindu calendar. It has four quarters or padas, the last three padas usually fall in Capricorn and the initial one falls in Sagittarius. Lord Surya or Sun God is associated with Uttara Ashadha. This Nakshatra is specially symbolized or by a small bed or by a tusk of an elephant.
The natives of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra have strong body with attractive physical features. They are normally tall with lean body. They have good physical strength for doing any type of hard work in any given conditions, circumstances and situations. The actual meaning of Uttara Ashadha as per the Indian vernacular languages is "latter unconquered" or "latter victory". The natives who are born in this particular Nakshatra are known for the calmness of absolute nature even towards the greatest aggression and strongly believed to be well-mannered in any given situations, circumstances and conditions. The sense of independence normally makes them loners in the given society. In the societies, even when why occupy a very high position, they are known for their innocence, pure heartedness, soft spoken and refined nature. They really have remarkable persona. According to the experts and specialists, a great hero in the Mahabharata epic, Bheeshma was born under this particular Nakshatra. It is common for people with this Nakshatra to be named with Ji, Ja, Bho and Bhe as initial words of their name as per the Hindu tradition.
The natives of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra at a young age show sign of maturity by shouldering the duties and responsibilities in their personal and professional life. They are known for their hard working nature that is perfectly blended with dedication and commitment. They take up work that can be done by them. They never give false promises and do keep their given words even in extreme conditions, situations and circumstances of life to a great extent. They express their emotion towards others in good and bad conditions of life. They never hurt others in the given society. Their life is usually blessed with the maximum unhappiness and maximum happiness.

Male Natives – The male natives of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra have a well proportioned body structure with bright eyes, long nose, tall figure and broad head. With fair complexion, they largely appear graceful and charming. They are known for their innocent looking countenance, refined, pure hearted and soft spoken nature. They like to be dressed like a simple-ton but never indulge in display and show off. They give respect to elders and women folk. They are actually god fearing and visit temples very frequently. It is really difficult to find the merits and demerits of these persons who are born under Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra.

The male natives of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra come with varying range of behavioral aspect which can't be judged easily by the common men in the given society. They have a black mole on the face and around their waist. Their eyes have a slight reddish color. They deal with their family members, intimate friends and close relatives in a smooth manner without hurting them. They always show at most importance and attachment towards them. Their good behavior quality attracts people towards them. They are good leaders among the given group in their personal and professional life. They never get into unnecessary problems or issues.

In any controversial dealings, the male natives of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra are very careful to a great extent. They are always ready to give their best cooperation and coordination towards their intimate friends, close relatives, family members and colleagues. It is to be noted that all round success and prosperity are marked after the age of 38 years for them. They have a difficult childhood, teenage and adulthood. In the family circle, some major and minor changes for them that lead to happiness and joy with a lot of perfection. The male natives of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra lead a happy married life with cooperative life partner and affectionate children. They may face health issues such as some defects in the eyes or poor eyesight, pulmonary diseases, paralysis of limbs and prone to stomach problems.

Female Natives - The female natives of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra have stout body structure with not so beautiful hair. They have bright teeth, attractive eyes, large nose and much wider forehead. They lead a very simple life to a great extent. They are known for frequently jumping into conflict with their family members, close relatives, colleagues and intimate friends in the given society. They are good at attaining better higher education which leads to shape a good career options. They land in the job of bank employee or teacher. They will be much attached to religious institution and spiritual leaders.
The female natives of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra are known for their hard work shown towards personal and professional life. They are good leaders in their given society. They can easily lead a group of like-minded persons. They are good at extracting work from others. They are good team players too. They easily mingle and indulge with people in the crowd. They never like to loners in life. They may also earn a lot of money and wealth as a writer or publisher. They don't hate others even in any given conditions, situations and circumstances of their personal and professional life.

The female natives of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra may face health issues related to hernia or uterus problems, wind problems, etc. They may lead a happy life if they marry a boy who belongs to Revati or Uttara-Bhadra Pada. They are known for observing different kinds of religious formalities and inclined towards their religion. They follow the given rules and regulations with a lot of perfection. They are known in the society for their helping nature towards their liked ones only. They readily solve the problems of others with active participation.

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