If you’ve made up your mind to learn Italian language, you must be aware how popular and sought-after the language has become. Learning it is a complete pleasure and never-ending adventure. You think that with the right learning materials and practice, you can pull it off.

Wrong!! You also need to choose the right Italian language course in Kolkata to set the ball rolling. With plethora of foreign language institutes in Kolkata introducing different Italian language programs, it’s true you might get confused. As a result, you might underestimate this factor and enroll in just any course. But it all depends on your personality and career goals. Here’s what you need to take into account.

Determine your objectives: at first, you need to find out your learning goals and the reasons for undertaking the course. Is it for a holiday in Italy or for building a career or just you want to enhance your knowledge? Make a list on your diary.

Intensity of the program: find out the duration of the course? Is it a part time or full time course? How many days in a week you’ve to attend the classes? How much homework you’ll have to do? Is the program suitable for you? These are vital questions that need to be asked.

Qualification of the educators: If the website of your course does not say anything about the qualifications of the educators, ignore it! Both classroom and Immersion programs should recruit competent teachers with certification and degree. If the educators are experienced and competent, they’ll go out of their way to boost your knowledge and make you proficient in all the areas of the language.

Mode and facilities of the course: most foreign language institutes offering Italian language course in Kolkata offer open, distance, online and face to face training modes to the learners. If you’ve chosen an online course, it’s important to find out how instructors provide training. Is it through Skype, Google meet or other video conferencing app? What kind of online support and flexible training provided by trainers? Are there online workshops, webinars, or seminars? How evaluation is done?
Course structure & curriculum: download the online prospectus that will give you a fair idea of the learning modules. It will show how each semester is bifurcated into different learning modules. Make sure the institute you’ve chosen to undertake the course offers latest curriculum.

Fees: the fees of the course vary from one institute to another. Do extensive research online & shortlist a few institutes. Conduct a comparative study and opt for that one whose fees you find affordable and justifiable after considering the reputation and facilities of the institute.

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Laxmon Gope is a reputed teacher of foreign languages. He has taught several articles on French, Spanish, Japanese, Romanian, Portuguese etc. He has also written several informative articles on academics including this one on Italian language course in Kolkata.