Do you believe vibrant health is possible until you take your last breath, or does that seem more like a fairytale fantasy?

For many years I have been on a mission to find what vibrant health truly is. As I observed that some people seemed to be experiencing it, I knew I wanted to experience it as well. Perhaps you do too. Those of you who have been with me a while know I have researched adrenal fatigue extensively due to my personal healing journey plus the fact that it is a disorder of epidemic proportions and is a huge contributor to most illnesses. Although I uncovered answers and have improved tremendously myself, and I have been privileged to help many individuals on their healing journey, there are still concerns that warrant answers. And we know that stress, in a multitude of forms, is the basis for adrenal weakness. I wonder how many of you feel you have achieved great health to the degree you wish, and have overcome whatever physical issues or stresses which have presented themselves in your life?

Something I learned as I have researched for great health is this – it is the physical symptoms that get your attention more than anything else. But the amazing thing is that those symptoms only show up after running through your spiritual, mental and emotional bodies, usually in that order. And you can be sure that the root cause is always related to your heart. So when the physical symptoms show up, they have reached the last dimension of your being – time to pay attention!

How is it though, that some individuals seem to heal more easily and more completely than others? Or why is it that some seem to never completely heal? Or how is it that some heal only to have their old concerns return or new ones appear? Or, does anyone truly heal completely? So my quest to know answers has continued for many years as I sought the answers to those questions that so many people, including myself, continued to ask.

Vibrant health is inclusive of all dimensions of your being; we’ve established that. Yet we live in the physical world, so naturally it is the physical experiences that receive attention. When we feel badly or are in pain, we seek help for relief. But how often does a medical or health professional dig into what is going on in your life, presently or in the past? Most don’t even ask about your diet let alone your emotions or what’s stored inside of you. Let me give you an example from my own life to help you understand what I mean.

All of my adult life I have experienced various digestive issues that surfaced and resurfaced until they became continuous. Testing was done multiple times, but nothing much ever showed up. I was diagnosed at one time with candida, one time with allergies, another time with spastic colon, and yet another time with leaky gut, all decided upon from symptoms I had. Perhaps they were present or perhaps not – all were possibilities – because I was definitely experiencing uncomfortable symptoms. But never, in the decades that I worked on this problem, did anyone really investigate any emotional cores. Diet was addressed and many things removed to alleviate symptoms, but no one ever asked when it began or what was going on in my life at the beginning.

Recently I decided to proceed with the investigation myself. Even though I have improved tremendously, there are still things I want to address, and we know that as the years advance, new things can appear. Noted also is the fact that we have many layers to our being. Here’s what I discovered in my own investigation.

In my investigation I recalled the first time I noticed digestive issues was at age 19. I was in college then, but here’s what I remembered had preceded the digestive problems startup. I graduated from high school at age 17, and a couple months later my family moved from NJ to Memphis, TN. I had to leave all my friends and my boyfriend, after attending and graduating from a very small private school. I also had to leave all our relatives behind. Two weeks after moving to Memphis, my grandparents were killed in a car accident. We traveled back to NJ and were there for some time. I was upset over losing my grandparents, but I also missed my freshmen college orientation which was provided for the newbie’s to understand what to do and where to go as the school year began. For me that was horrendous because I was stepping into a very large state university after attending a very small private high school.

When we returned back to Memphis I was forced into leftover classes or squeezed into full classes which had already started, so I was behind from the get go. Everyone and everything was new and I felt a definite foreboding. Soon my digestive issues began here and there, but began full force later that year. Without a doubt, in hindsight, I can see how traumatic all of this was for me. However, I didn’t realize it until decades later when I knew I had to uncover my emotional baggage that was keeping me from healing completely. Here are the negative emotions I unveiled after decades of storage in my cells.

Anger – I was really mad that my dad took this new job and
moved me from all I knew and loved.
Fear – Moving from the familiar to total unknown territory
in every way.
Grief – At losing my grandparents, plus leaving my friends
and boyfriend behind. (who incidentally broke up with
me 4 months later – another trauma!)
Resentment – Felt this toward my dad for the move and the
whole moving process.
Apprehension – Having to basically start again with making
new friends and finding my place in this new
territory, particularly in this mountain of new
people, more people in one place than I had ever seen
before in person.

Since none of this was ever addressed, it was stuffed inside and stored away into my cellular memory, and all of it was based in fear. Then, as life happens, more “traumas” appeared throughout the years and once again, were simply added to the trash pile in storage since they were not fully addressed either. No one had ever taught me to bring my feelings to the foreground and release them so they wouldn’t be stored. I’m sure you can see how easily we are able to accumulate quite a mountainous pile of baggage in the form of harmful beliefs, negative patterns, and destructive cellular memories. And all of these negative feelings create immeasurable imbalances that eventually creep into the physical realm.

My personal journey has included many changes in my physical being, my life, what I eat and drink, what I do, and all has helped in many ways. But I continued to wonder why it never felt complete, why there wasn’t consistency in feeling vibrantly healthy in spite of all the healthy protocol I followed, and why new concerns continued to appear. That’s when I realized I had to go back to the beginning and dig out the starting point of the negativity that had to be present yet. And that’s when I began to sort out all that trash stored in my being.

Perhaps your desire is to experience vibrant health. Maybe you even doubt it can ever happen for you. But I believe it can once all that stored trash is removed and thrown out, all old cellular memories gone, then replaced with wonderful positive beliefs. Here’s what I discovered.

Every one of you have the inborn ability to heal yourself, so you are born a healer! You may doubt that, but even in the Bible Jesus said that everybody could do healing as he did. But the doubt, busy lives, focus on the physical, a continuous striving to get approval from everyone, plus the insatiable desire for instant gratification keeps all of us from utilizing the gifts that have already been freely given. And another fact is this: You simply cannot have peak performance in health or any other area of your life when you have blockages in your energy flow.

There are so many healing modalities offered for us, but most require repeated and seemingly never-ending visits to a qualified practitioner. Most of you who do this feel better for a short time, but then the symptoms return and back to the practitioner you go, or maybe you decide to try someone new. This was my saga for years, and it is costly and discouraging. My desire was to learn how to heal myself as I released all the harmful beliefs, old negative patterns and the destructive cellular memories that I finally realized were standing in my way of complete healing of everything. Is complete healing something you want too? Then read on…

I’ve known for years, and have certainly discussed this in many articles and books, that we are all composed of energy and therefore connected to all living things in this universe, since the entire universe is vibrating energy. There are also only two fields of energy, a positive one-love, or a negative one-fear. When energy is created, that same vibration, whether positive or negative, will continue to move throughout the universe picking up more of the same energy, and amazingly, it goes right back to where it began! This is the universal principle of likes attract likes. We know that positive energy is from love and negative energy is formed from fear.

Fear vibrations create negative experiences in our lives, things like not enough, anxiety, nervousness, unforgiveness, anger, jealousy, resentment, judgment, criticism, need to be right, worry and so forth. However, love creates good vibrations of compassion, understanding, acceptance, appreciation, happiness, flowing with life, forgiveness, peace, joy and so on, which brings us positive experiences. Most of you would say that you want to live your life through love, yet most of you, if honest, will admit that the expressions from fear rule your life. And often, individuals do not even realize how much junk they have accumulated in their heart, spirit and mind that is blocking them from creating that wonderful life they dare to imagine.

This is what I discovered for myself, realizing that my clients also had stored years of junk that was blocking the love from flowing from them to create the multi-dimensional health they wanted. So I began searching for ways to unlock the storage bin of junk so it could be released and healed. It was time to take back my inborn power of healing myself, because I truly desire vibrant health until I take my last breath. What I now realized was that I had just been treating symptoms, not changing disease.

I had worked with many ways to do this, things like deep breathing, yoga, visualization, EFT, acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic, chakra clearing, Reiki, crystals, grounding mats and more. All of these things helped tremendously, but never completed my healing. Perhaps you understand this all too well. So there had to be something more, something that worked on really clearing out all that junk that I could perform myself with outstanding results. What I later learned is that most, if not all of these address the symptoms, not the root image or feeling.

When a student is ready, the teacher appears, and that’s exactly what happened for me. It wasn’t a coincidence at all, but one day I received an email promoting The Healing Codes, developed by Dr. Alex Loyd. I was about to hit the delete key when something inside told me to pay attention. “What” I’m thinking, “Another gimmick or another ‘probably not’ possibility?” But upon checking into what it was and what it offered, I felt my spirit resonating with this process, like an awakening within me of something positive and possible. What clicked the most, after reading a couple stories of complete healing when doctors said it wasn’t possible, was that it is simple to do and I can do it in the comfort of my own home without going to see anyone or continuing to pay for services. And, most importantly, Dr. Loyd shares that after his patients healed emotionally, they also began to heal physically. This grabbed me hard, so I purchased the program, committing to being responsible for daily practice to experience ultimate healing and health.

“The basic concept of the Healing Codes method is that all memory is stored as pictures, and that these pictures have non-truths or lies in them which, if left uncorrected, eventually result in emotional and/or physical disease.” This made sense since everything in our life exists through energetic vibrations. They say it is healing of the heart that has the potential of creating vibrant health, which again makes sense since all emotions originate in the heart.

What’s important to understand is that any disorder or illness you are experiencing has its roots in some negative image of something that you were taught or happened in your life. The picture is completed with the added accompanying emotions. If that image remains and is stored in your mind’s computer, those persisting images will at some point create a disorder, illness or emotional issue. Once you can find the early image and what energy started this, you can heal that negative feeling, which is a lie.

For some weeks now I have performed the various codes according to their suggested process. The key is to simply allow them to work, not cause them to work. You are successful when you can relax completely and focus on the new picture you want. Many things have come up for me, some not so pleasant but necessary for true healing. Sometimes I experienced intense emotions and other times physical symptoms. I have been quite amazed actually of the process of healing taking place in me, and especially amazed I still have hidden negative pictures influencing my present life after all the work I have done to produce vibrant health.

In addition, I remembered a practice I used to do but had let it slide for several years – Spring Forest Qigong. I had read a book some years ago called “Born a Healer” by Chunyi Lin. His story of his healing and all he went through is horrific. He says you can heal anything if you remove energy blockages and create open channels in your energy system. I had even taught the basic process in my Angel Love Practitioner Trainings for several years. So I re-read his book and began to implement some of his simple methods of moving and clearing energy.

Please understand that I am not suggesting you don’t visit a medical doctor or health professional for your ailments, but with everything I’ve shared throughout this article, my point is that even using the best doctors or health professionals, or taking the best supplements out there, you cannot heal completely, or perhaps at all, without addressing the stored emotional baggage you’ve placed in your mind’s computer. You must release it totally and create new pictures of what you want in your life and health.

The most important point to take with you from this article is that healing and great health, in order to be complete, must include not only the ridding of physical symptoms, but removing and replacing the stored harmful beliefs, destructive cellular memories, and the negative images you’ve held onto for months or most probably years. There are many modalities you can try – some may work for you yet others may not work. So the key is to stop the pursuit of quick fixes and wasting time, energy and money for solutions that do not work for you. Instead, take charge of your health from the inside out, working with a solution that truly can restore and maintain your health as you wish it to be. It will require some definite action steps to implement and complete, but look deeply into what steps you are taking and if they are providing the restoration you want. I tried so many types of therapies over the years as well as many different supplements and protocols, but until I incorporated healing of my heart, going back even to the time of my conception and beyond, I can now see it was a pursuit of something that could have never been achieved. Always, without fail, any disorder or disease must be freed of the destructive emotional baggage in order for healing to take place, in other words, healing of the heart!

I invite you to consider the Healing Codes and Spring Forest Qigong as possible avenues for obtaining the healing and health you desire. It isn’t a fairytale fantasy; vibrant health for a lifetime is a definite possibility!

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Dr. Carolyn Porter is an internationally known Speaker, Author of multiple books, audios, trainings and e-Books that include: "Healing with Color," “Angel Love,” “The Path of Empowerment” and "Adrenal Fatigue," Spiritual Wholeness and Health Restoration Coach, Trainer, and Angel Channel whose passion is helping individuals move beyond their limitations so they can do and be what they can envision. She is owner of Where Miracles Happen Quantum Healing & Empowerment Center in Cumming, GA, and offers life and health restoration coaching, angel sessions, energy healing, QRA Testing, Aura Analysis, classes, certified trainings and much more. For more information or to order her products she invites you to visit her website at