There is a daily blog that I love done by a fellow named Patrick who resides in Michigan. It can be found under “Spiritual River” and is one of the best feeds I’ve been exposed to on the net! I am hoping Patrick and I find a way to work together, I love a lot of his thinking.
Below is a piece of an article Patrick has written. Its keyword-Vision- to me is a self-standing issue and is at the heart of coaching.

“There is a huge movement out there about “living with purpose.” That’s what vision is about. Big meaty goals for your life. When you’re living clean and sober in recovery, having a vision
to aspire to makes it all worthwhile. I’m also convinced that having a vision/goal/purpose is the drive necessary to propel you in the creative life in recovery… is not enough to merely want to avoid the misery of addiction.”

I love the phrase Patrick has used, “Big Meaty Goals”. Have you got them for your life? Have I truly got them for mine?

Patrick and I share a passion for recovery and living addiction free. That being said, there is something all should realise, and it’s a lesson my coaching training and life experience have drilled through my head.
Most people have problems in their life. With some it’s addictions, with others relationships, and yet other confidence. Not matter that, most of us have issues that hold back our full enjoyment of life.

Goal setting-big meaty goals- is the backbone of coaching. The fundamentals of a great recovery program are as applicable to the non-addicted as to the addicted. We set goals, look at how to achieve them, get straight with ourselves, and take responsibility for our success. It is a learned skill, and unfortunately or fortunately, some of us have paid a very high price to learn the skills. That price was self-love and all that goes with it.

From a monetary standpoint (not to mention spiritual and emotional) I paid a huge price to join a 12 step club, and paid it over a long period of time. I lacked vision.
Thanks Patrick and Spiritual River for the great thought. I hope those that read this will become a part of your followers!
So here is the challenge, what are we going to do to live with purpose?? Got any “big meaty goals” for you life? Have we got a vision??

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Certified Life Coach, Restoration Coach, Addiction recovery