Are you living your life by design or by accident? Thomas Edison said, "If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves." Most of us know there is more that we want to achieve in our lives, but most of us do not know where to begin.

Each day brings another opportunity to review our goals and to make a fresh start. With that in mind, think about your goals and dreams. What are the various areas of your life in which you’d like to see major change? Is it your relationships? Your finances? Your career or business? Your lifestyle? Envision a perfect day in your life 5 years from now. What does it look like and feel like? Who are you sharing that day with? Where are you living and vacationing? How is your health?

Now that you have a clear picture of your desired life, how do you transform your desires into definite goals that you can attain? I’ve found that one of the best ways to create the necessary focus in your life to achieve your goals is to create a vision board. A vision board, also called a dream board or a treasure map, is a collage of pictures, images and words from various sources (magazines, calendars, online, etc.) that represent your innermost desires. In other words, it is a physical representation of your desired reality.

A vision board allows you to create a picture of the future that you envision for yourself. My focus for 2011 is about lifestyle and business. Therefore, I created two vision boards – one for each. My business vision board includes my business goals and the positive impact that I’d like to have on the lives of other women, empowering them to reach their highest potential. My lifestyle vision board includes my goals related to health, relationships, finances and so on.

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Why? Images evoke strong feelings that influence our thoughts and behavior, even on a subconscious level. So, harness that power to create the future you desire. A vision board helps you to clarify your vision and inspires you to take the necessary actions to fulfill that vision.

How Do You Make a Vision Board?
Gather pictures and words from magazines, books or the Internet that have a strong impact on you and represent what you desire to see in your life (a new business or career, love, a new home, travel, your ideal weight, etc.) You will also need scissors, glue, colored paper, a poster board or a mirror with a border (if you want to see yourself in the picture). I like to put my name and/or picture on bestseller lists, conference speaker lists and other places I’d like to see myself in the future.

What Are the Benefits of a Vision Board?
1. It creates focus – having a visual representation of the life you want will keep you focused on achieving it.
2. It’s fun – who doesn’t love dreaming? Who doesn’t love going through our favorite magazines and ripping things out?
3. It’s flexible – as your life changes, so can your vision board. As you reach new goals, you can take images off. And, as you create new dreams for yourself, you can add pictures.

How Can You Use Your Vision Board?
• Put your board where you will see it. Have it in your field of vision so you will be inspired to act on it. Only through repeated visualization of your goals can you begin to make your dreams a reality. Review your board often and see what manifests itself.
• Use your board to help determine your next steps in life – does what you’re planning to do fit with your overall life vision?
• Use your board to change your mood – when you feel down, look at your board and get inspired.
• Use your board to give thanks for what is to come.

Life is largely a matter of action and expectation. You must expect success and take action. The dreams you believe in CAN become a reality. Set your goals high. Set high expectations and take action now, and you'll succeed beyond your wildest expectations. 2011 CAN be your year!

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Talayah G. Stovall, Pres., TGrace, is an author, keynote speaker, radio host, life purpose coach and Managing Director of Vision Catalyst Consulting. For information on speaking or coaching, as well as her motivational audio CDs, “P.U.M.P. It UP! and 7 Secrets to Ignite Your Dreams, her book, Crossing the Threshold: Opening Your Door to Successful Relationships, eBook, 150 Important Questions You Should Ask Before You Say “I Do”, or newsletter “EmPOWERed to…”, please visit,, or email