It's that time of the year when New Years Resolutions are embarked upon and this for many means attempting to change bad habits and become a little healthier and stronger. Gym memberships, exercise programs, detoxes and diets are often perceived as the mainstay of this agenda and people cross their fingers and hope that they are successful in their plans.

Nevertheless, statistics show that the majority of people do not actually usually stick to their perhaps not so well laid plans. A real resolution involves true resolve and a determination to see a plan through to its successful conclusion. It isn’t a loosely conceived wish or hope. The fact is that some of us are batter planners than others. Some of us are more determined than others. Some of us have more motivation than others.

Your success in your objectives will in the end hinge upon your attitude, beliefs and thoughts as you embark upon and progress towards your goals. Your mind and its focus determines the reality that you experience.

In the current environment of self help awareness you have no doubt heard all this said before and the truthfulness of it resonates within you. But there is still a gap between knowing something and actually doing it. We have to pick our way around sabotage systems, self-doubt, fears, misunderstanding, poor lifestyle choices and also pure laziness.

For those who are aware of a disparity between his or her own knowing and doing, hypnosis can be a real gift and key to success. But it is important to not see it as a quick fix. You do still have to commit to the process and use of hypnosis itself. Like the gym, it is not just something to give a whirl and see how it goes. You need to approach hypnosis with an open mind and an attitude of commitment just like anything else that you wish to be successful in.

Your mind is incredibly powerful and hypnosis allows you to access its inner areas. This includes the part of your mind where automatic thoughts and beliefs are stored and triggered. Hypnosis also opens your mind to greater creativity and the process of visualization becomes more powerful when employed whilst relaxing in this particular mental state.

There are many studies that have proven the power of imagination and visualization in expediting your way to achieving goals. It adds an extra dimension and strength to your goal setting. Sports trainers and managers of every discipline encourage students to use their imagination. All great athletes use visualization as part of their training. All successful innovators speak of the key import of their imagination.

Your imagination and visualization paves the way to your reality. Your imagination makes your stronger. This fact has been proven over and over again.

Your imagination can also be used to make you physically stronger. You might like to look up the details of a study carried out at Bishop's University in Quebec that has illuminated this fact. Our minds and bodies are inexorably linked and they undeniably influence each other.

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