The Mechanics of Changing Your Mind
Step 2- “Discover Passion

Passion drives creation. When you harness passion, you change your mind and your life. By passionately desiring change, almost magically, your psyche focuses your energy to create that change: find love, enjoy your job, like your family, discover fulfillment, improve your relationships, cultivate peace

It’s a misnomer that passion, like “in love”, is uncontrollable, mysterious, contrary. That passion happens only when you least expect it or for a lucky few born with it. But just like love, you have the power to choose. When you deeply feel your emotions, you feel passionate…even if it’s passion for solitude. This desire fuels you and with a little help, you can regularly tap into passion when you want to change your mind and your life.

Think of emotions like a 32 Flavors ice cream shop. Every flavor is good with different tastes and mix-ins, and, there are some you prefer. Depression is when you watch everyone else get ice cream and don’t get any yourself. Passion is when you metaphorically choose whatever you want to feel passionate about (rocky road) and add chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry. Great in theory, but how do you do that? How do you feel passionate about something when you’re feeling flat or vulnerable/protective?

There are many helpful tools for adding whipped cream and a cherry to your emotions. First, you need to get around your emotional gate-keeper, your conscious mind, by relaxing. If you have a hard time relaxing, tapping into one or more of your 5 senses with something familiar works most every time: massage/touch, music, vibration, scent, color, sacred symbols and nature (but don’t forget repetition like mindless jobs, boring lectures, driving long distances or uninteresting activities). I relax by watching squirrels and birds outside my window. Easy, accessible, effective.

Once you’re relaxed, you need to stir up your subconscious. Your subconscious mind controls your passion and power to create. You excite your subconscious by engaging with something new or unexpected: actually listening to the words of a song, smelling a flower, experiencing a work of art, hearing a new idea or an old idea in a new way, having stimulating dialogue, an unexpected sight/sound/smell…

If you want the complete package of relaxation and excitement, there are many mind/body medicines out there: body/energy work, self-hypnosis, support groups/talking circles, religion, adventures, meditation, audio/visual media… You inspire passion with anything that first relaxes your conscious mind then stirs up your creative mind. That’s the beauty of inspirational speakers/healers, you’re relaxed as a passive observer, then excited by entraining to the healer’s vibrant energy.

If you’re not comfortable with some of these mind/body tools, consider this; your tribal ancestors passed down powerful medicines for everyone to use, irregardless of heritage or culture. Whether you’re connected to North or South Native Americans, Asians, Celts, Africans, Anglo-Saxon’s…. Medicine People used these healing traditions because they work. In reality, you don’t need anything special to tap into passion; you can do it even while taking a shower. But the human experience is so layered; we’re so complicated, that it’s just easier to find something that works for you. Relax + Excite = Passion.

Question to Self: What would I like to feel passionate about?

Activity: Take 20 minutes today to relax and think new thoughts. If you need some inspiration, try setting the scene first with music, candles, mood lighting and sacred symbols. You can also go to for free meditations and self-hypnosis to help you change your mind.

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