There is no denying the fact that there are different types of massages available these days. When individuals attend massage school, they are predominantly taught the most popular kinds of massage which includes the Nuru and deep tissue massages. Of course, there are certainly other kinds of “special” massages which have grown to be immensely popular over the last few years. Although these massages are based on standard or traditional techniques, several modifications have been made over the years to make it unique.

Standard or Normal Massage – Probably the most popular massage

Normal or traditional massage is by far the most basic form of massage therapy. In this kind of therapy, the masseuse will utilise their fingers, hands, feet and other parts of the body to conduct the massage. More often than not, Swedish massage is the one which is most given to the clients which is why it is more commonly known as traditional massage.

Erotic massage -the new wave which is gaining momentum

Probably the most “sexual” of all other massages, erotic outcall massage in London is undoubtedly the most controversial massage therapy that’s been around for decades. Unlike normal massage, the masseuse focuses primarily on the erogenous zones of the clients with the goal of arousing him/her.
Decades ago, the public perception of massage therapy was not that positive, and this was partly down to the prevalence of erotic massage. But times have changed now. In the last few years, people have come to know about the several benefits which these kinds of massages have and the society has also been quite open towards it.

The level of intimacy between the clients and the massage therapist is also very high as compared to other forms of therapy, and although erotic massages are mainly conducted for pleasure, several studies have reported its sexual health benefits.

Over the years, more and more massage parlours have opened up which are providing this kind of unconventional massages. But the thing is, there are also many of these parlours that are quite shady, and you should look to avoid them. Precisely for this reason, there are certain aspects which you should take note of while choosing an erotic massage provider. These things are:-

Years of experience: Needless to say, this is one of the first things that you will want to see. The company you are choosing should have several years of experience in providing erotic massages.

Infrastructure: Needless to say, you will obviously want the place to be spick and span unless of course, you are looking for visiting massage London in which case the masseuse will come to you.

First impression: More often than not, the first impression matters a lot. When you visit the parlour and meet with the masseuses, notice they interact with you. Are they friendly? Do you feel comfortable with them?

When it comes to erotic massages, it’s best to trust only the most professional and renowned professionals around.

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The author Isabelle is one of the most renowned experts in erotic outcall massage in London and has been offering visiting massage in London for several years now.