There is no better way to watch sports than at a stadium. There’s nothing to beat the excitement of the crowd standing and cheering as one. But you have to take certain inconveniences in your stride when you want to watch a big game at a stadium. For some people, the benefits outweigh the inconveniences, but others would rather watch at home on the TV – in fact, they say they see more of the game when they do. 


When you want to watch a sports game at a stadium, you have to face traffic congestion, find parking and usually walk some distance before you’re finally sitting in your seat. You have to queue if you want to go to the bathroom or buy snacks. The traffic when leaving after the game can be a nightmare. You don’t have the option of rewinding to see certain plays again. 

There’s nothing quite like the convenience of sitting on your couch with a giant bag of snacks and watching a game with your family or friends. You can even rewind and watch plays you want to see again. 

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Watching from the stadium means you are at the mercy of the weather and your seat is unlikely to be as comfortable as your couch at home. You may not want to spend money on snacks because they are so expensive. When you want to go to the bathroom, you are likely to miss quite a bit of the game as you may have to queue for a while. 

When you watch on TV from home, you can ensure the temperature is just right. You don’t have to suffer in the rain or wind. You can have a nice cold or hot beverage in your hand and eat as much candy, hot dogs or pizza as you like. 


Going to a sports event has become prohibitively expensive for many fans. Even if you manage to get a cheap ticket, you still have to pay high prices for parking and concessions. You will usually pay far more for your beer and hotdogs than you should. Some colleges charge as much as $35 or more to park if you come early to tailgate. 

When you watch the game from your home, your costs are minimal. You don’t have to pay for a ticket, use fuel, pay parking costs or buy expensive snacks. 


One of the main benefits of watching a game at a stadium is the atmosphere which can be electric at times. You can watch the crowds and talk to other fans. You may not get as close to the action but there is so much more to a live event than the game itself. It’s a combination of factors that can make it a memorable occasion. 

Some people feel that being at the game makes them miss too much of the action. As crazy as this may sound, they say they see more of the game when they watch it on TV. 

The TV cameras can zoom in on the action, so it is possible to see big moments up close. The plays can have more impact when seen on TV and seeing them in person may not be as impressive, especially when you have a seat far away from the action. 

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