Being healthy not just keeps you in the best physical state but also keeps your mind in the best working condition. The mental fitness that you gain by playing this game directly impacts your physical health.

An escape game challenges as well as entertains you. It trains your mind in variety of ways so as to boost your mental capacity.

Building observation

Lockbusters Escape Game enhances observational skills of a person. While you participate in such a challenge, you need to keep track of all the details available to you.

This enhances the functioning of the brain and forces it to deal with several things simultaneously. It requires you to focus on the significant things while keeping a close watch on the minor details.

Working under pressure

Escape rooms offer an excellent exercise to your brain. It trains your mind to operate under pressure. You will have to deal with stress while you play an escape room game.

You develop a good ability to efficiently handle the ability to work in pressure filled circumstances when you are continuously put under such situations. You train yourself to form quick decisions rapidly while being at composure.

Develops intuitive thinking and creativity

Escape rooms greatly help one in enhancing and thinking outside the box. This game makes a person think with a liberal and creative bend of mind frame. An escape room game improves engagement and creativity skills in a person.

You get to know creative solutions to solve a wide range of problems that you come across while playing this game. Your intuitive abilities develop and you follow your gut instincts that help a lot in forming the right decision.

Better memory recall

Escape room tests the ability of the brain to recall information. It enhances your memory by testing it continuously. The significance of tiny details in this game makes you more attentive and precise.

The problem-solving skill that you gain by playing this game enhances your thinking abilities, mental speed and the ability to retain important details easily.

Reducing mental ailments and improves memory

Playing an escape room game offers several types of benefits, one of them being enhancement of your memory. It leads to reduced risk of dementia and other kind of memory-related ailments. Escape games exercise your brain and help you socialize, and laugh. All these benefits have been seen to enhance your memory.

Developing motor skills

Escape room's aids in developing fine as well as gross motor skills. These skills get enhanced via practice. Some of the escape room games need significant movement and take us completely out of our physical comfort zone.

Escape room games aids in the development of fine motor skills like spatial awareness and cognitive abilities. Such type of environment makes participants more aware of their surroundings and pushes their senses to work a little harder.


In all, escape room game are designed to entertain a player as well as enhance their mental and physical ability by putting it to test. To experience the above-mentioned reasons provided by this game, you must take an escape room challenge for once.

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