Meditation is not easy. One needs a mental discipline and dedication. It requires perseverance just like those who are dedicated to their sports, art or another field of endeavor. Over time, their performance is enhanced by their dedication and discipline. There is much to gain from learning to embrace the practice of meditation.

It is not as awkward and uncomfortable as some may think.

Meditation works through the brain circuitry. Meditative practice helps people achieve different levels of awareness. Through meditation. The brain waves get organized, and mental activities like focus, memory, learning, and knowledge are sharpened. Benefits of meditation touch on the physical, psychological and spiritual level. Many medical practitioners believe in the benefits of meditation.

PHYSICAL HEALING Stress reduction

Today’s world is stressful. Negative emotions invade our everyday life. These manifest as disappointments, regrets, overwhelming responsibilities, relationship issues, failure, feelings of rejection and a lot of other problems. There are many physical conditions triggered by stress such as hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, ulcers, skin rash, and insomnia, just to name a few.

Calm down, relax. These are words we hear when stress starts to take over. Meditation offers the promise of a tranquil and calm mind. Meditation is not a review of what could have been and other thoughts of uncertainty. It is not a rehash of unpleasant events. Meditation is a way to relax the mind and focus on the present moment. A calmer mind is empowering. Issues are not threatening.

Levels of cortisol and lactate are lowered through meditation. These chemicals are linked to stress. During deep meditation, the metabolic rate and heart rate are reduced. It is a process of slowing down. This state will not be achieved quickly.With patience and dedication, a meditator will get to this country.


Meditation quietens the mind. This brings about coherence in the brain waves. When the brain wave activities are in harmony, this is associated with improved reasoning and greater creativity. The clutter in mind is minimized.

Other psychological benefits are decreased anxiety, decreased depression and irritability. With a quieter mind, the power of concentration is improved, memory is enhanced, vigor and vitality are renewed, better emotional stability and self-awareness. A calmer person finds inner peace and happiness and projects this on the outside. Meditation makes one realize that problems people worry about are trivial.


Meditation is a way to connect with inner feelings. It guides one to feel calm, love and peace. Acknowledge negative emotions and let these go.The goals of meditation are to replace these with positive feelings. Meditation helps one to go deeper into one’s being and appreciate what a relief it is to be able to surrender negative thoughts, let go all negative feelings that cloud judgment and reason.
Meditation ushers one into a different world.One gets the feeling of general well being There is an experience of feeling peaceful and general well-being. Intuitive capabilities are enhanced with a sense of assurance and “knowingness.” One embraces unconditional love, and psychic abilities are sharpened.

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