What is stress? It is a factor per emotional or physical reaction to mental tension. It is something that all humans face as the struggles and demands of everyday life can cause grave amounts of stress.

Do you ever feel that stress has pushed you beyond your ability to cope? If so, do you know how to relax when stressful, unexpected situations arise? It can seem paralyzing at the idea of living life with huge amounts of stress.

Headshop Headquarters understands that stress is the body’s natural reaction to our internal and external life factors and offers up ways to stay relaxed in stressful situations. Once you know different ways to manage your response to stress, you will be able to control your emotions in a productive manner.

Identify the Cause of Your Stress

Are you actually aware of what may be causing your emotional stressors? The very first thing that one must do is to identify what are the triggers for their stress. Are they external triggers such as a huge project at work with an urgent deadline, unexpected houseguests, or new house they just purchased?

Or are they internal triggers such as fear (as in a fear of failing), a feeling of hopelessness or uncertainty, or particular beliefs that are subconsciously impacting them negatively? Whether external or internal, you cannot work on a problem that you aren’t aware exists. So one must identify what there triggers are so that they can be addressed.

Deep Breathing Techniques

Deep breathing techniques are one of the best ways to lower stress on the body as they can be an immediate response to a stressful situation. Try inhaling a deep breath through your nose, holding it a second, and finally release your breath through your mouth slowly. You can repeat this exercise until you feel a sense of calm and your muscles are relaxed.

Focus on the Positive not the Negative

Often times, we imagine the worst case scenario as the end result of a situation. Worst case scenario thinking can be a learned habit or something more serious as in a symptom of a mental health illness. The best thing to do is to focus on the positive and the actual facts of the situation. By focusing on the facts of the situation, you can realistically deal with situations as the facts come to you versus what you conjure up.

Unfortunately, no matter what we do or how much we prepare and plan, stress is a part of life that we cannot avoid. Long term, there are ways to incorporate activities into our lives that can minimize and reduce the reoccurring feeling of being stressed. Try creative or expressive therapies such as music, movement, art, or journaling. Exercise is another huge stress relief as it releases happy endorphins from your brain when you do so. The most important thing one can do is to know when you are reaching your breaking point so that you can give yourself the opportunity for some self-care.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.