There is a strong chance that someone will have heard, at least once, that they shouldn’t judge others. If they are into self-development/spirituality, they may have heard this more times than they can remember.

One way to look at this would be to say that this is sage advice. For one thing, one doesn’t know what another person has been through and, for another thing, it’s not as though they are perfect.


There are, of course numerous other reasons that could be put forward when it comes to why one shouldn’t just others. So, by believing that it is wrong to judge others, they could do everything they can not to judge them.

The outcome of this is that one can end up using a lot of energy and they can find that they experience a fair amount of guilt and even shame. Therefore, even if they become less judgemental, it will come at a price.

Caught Up

If, on the other hand, one was able to become aware of when they judge others and didn’t end up feeling guilty or ashamed, it would be far better. There is no reason for one to beat themselves up.

However, in order for one to get to this point, they will probably need to realise that they are not consciously choosing to judge others. When they can see that this is something that takes place involuntarily, they will be able to be a lot kinder to themselves.

Stepping Back

If one believes that they are choosing to do this, it will be normal for them to lay into themselves. And if one was told that they shouldn’t judge others, it is not a surprise if they have this outlook.

The person - or quote - that told them this would have made out that this was something that they do consciously. Thus, as they don’t have the understanding that this is not the case, this will have become another way for them to tear themselves down.

The Watcher

The truth is that one is not their mind; they are the observer of their mind. Taking this into account, one’s mind can make a judgment about someone and they can simply let this judgment pass them by.

The judgment will only become a problem if they allow themselves to identify with it, which will have an impact on how they behave. One can then see that this is just something that their mind does and they won’t need to blame themselves for it.

Final Thoughts

What can make it easier for one to do this is mediation as this will allow them to develop their ability to observe their mind. Another thing that can play a part here is if one heals their inner wounds.

These inner wounds can also play a part in the judgements that their mind makes. This is a process that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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