With the increasing number of deceptive schemes on the web, consumers have lost much of their confidence to participate in online transactions. They become reluctant to buy and tend to be more eager to disclose information on the Internet.

Many different strategies have been used to reassure website visitors of their concerns. Some of these include displaying association logos, ratings and awards, posting testimonials from satisfied consumers, displaying public relations briefs and media reviews, and avoiding creating ambitious consumer expectations for products and services that cannot be guaranteed.

While doing all of the strategies mentioned above can generally guarantee a conversion rate of up to about 2%, this rate could be increased up to about 15% simply by displaying Third Party Website Verification Stamps on your website.

A recent survey by Consumer Reports showed that 72% of online shoppers are actively searching for third-party web verification stamps before transacting online. That said, having these services on your site could mean a greater chance of generating a sale.

When it comes to choice, you must first define who your target market will be in relation to the nature and products of your business. There are 3 main types of web verification services that should be tailored to your needs.

Privacy verification stamps are suitable for those who make loans and mortgages. It ensures that the personal data of consumers will not be shared with another party that does not participate in the transactions. https://www.corrsonline.com/

Security Verification Seals are recommended for all those who sell products and services whose main means of negotiation involves the use of payment card systems.

Business Verification Seals is more of a generic service that all online companies should normally have. This service guarantees the consumer that the website has been verified for the authenticity of the details it provides.

Having any of these 3 stamps on your site will take you one step away from your competitors. However, the more stamps you show, the more confidence consumers will have to buy.

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