Obesity is much in the news today. Many adults and children alike are contending with this issue. Most have found that it is not so easy changing ingrained habits. Here are some tips and insight to help you on your way to promoting healthy weight-loss and wellness from within.

Useful Guidelines for Losing Weight

• A slow steady weight-loss is best: 1 – 2 pounds per week is ideal
• Do not crash diet or skip meals: more frequent smaller meals is best
• Keep your meals and snacks low calorie and balanced; 20% protein, 60% carbs – mostly whole grain and fiber – plenty of vegetables and fruit, and moderate amounts of good fats only,
• Bad fats are greasy fried foods, hydrogenated oils, added cream like sauces and gravies
• Good fats are: olive oils, flax oils, nuts, seeds, avocado, and non hydrogenated oils
• Use very little or no sugar. Cane Sugar is addictive, and empty in nutritional value. Natural sugars are best, such as raw honey, agave, pure maple, etc. (use sparingly)
• Regular aerobic exercise and weight training promote fat loss. It increases body metabolism
• Examine behaviors that cause you to overeat; work toward changing those behaviors
• Get regular exercise, sunshine and proper rest.
• Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who inspire and encourage you on your path to health and wellness.

Although many people are aware of these useful guidelines, many have tried to followed them to no avail. In the past, fad diets, will-power, or psychological counseling has been the main choices used to tackle the weight matter. We have found those ways to be dangerous, stressful, and expensive, and often still to no avail. Why is this so? We often look for a simple and easy answer, but there is none. Why an individual is over-weight is a complex subject, and what we eat is not the whole issue. If you have tried unsuccessfully to loose weight, you are not alone. Read on.

Understanding the Role of Self-talk in the Weight-loss Process

More important than what we eat, is why we eat. Even more important than that, is who we are when we eat. At any given time, who we are, is the sum total of our self-talk. There is a subconscious voice inside each of us that is constantly speaking. Often this voice sends a negative message.

Self-talk builds up over time, and it represents the deep way that we think and feel about ourselves, others and life in general. We often have a particular image and message about our bodies. In order to win the weight-loss encounter, we need to be willing to examine and change our self-talk. Is this a daunting effort? Not really. There are a number of natural technologies and practices available today that make the process much more doable for everyone. Here is a brief description of a few of them.

• Subliminal Programming – is as easy as listening to a cd with positive self-talk messaging
• EFT – break the emotional connection to negative self-talk by tapping on certain meridian lines
• Visualization – imaging is a powerful way to change ingrained habitual negative self-talk
• Fasting – regular short periods of fasting releases body-memory effects of negative self-talk
• Lessons in self-love – a powerful way to realize the perfect wholeness and health which is your natural state

Each one could empower you to win the weight-loss issue once and for all. Let 2011 be the year you gain a new insight and empowerment to confront weight-loss.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Carol Winkfield is a Natural Health Professional and Spiritual Leader of New Light Temple Ministry. She is author of the instructive book, Healing With Spirit: the Natural Way. Contact her @ 937-609-7091. Visit her website: www.healingthenaturalway.com