There is no need to be unhappy. There is no need to be sad. There is no need to be disappointed, or oppressed, or hurt. There is no need for illness or failure or discouragement. There is no necessity for anything but success, good health, prosperity, and an abounding interest and joy in life. - Emmet Fox

Success and happiness are your natural condition. Actually, it is easier to demonstrate a happy, healthy, harmonious and prosperous life than the opposite. Wrong thinking may cloud this fact for a little while, and it may seem easier to believe the error than the truth. Regardless, it takes less energy and is easier to think rightly.

You should never "put up"with anything. It is never right to accept less than perfect health, happiness, harmony, peace of mind, and abundant prosperity. All of these are yours by divine right as a child of God.

Regardless of your present circumstances, you can always be more prosperous. You can be healthier and happier, too. You can have a lovely, paid-for home of your own and good friends, too. Yes, you can have a full, joyous, peaceful, and unlimited life. However, to have this, you must take control of your own life which begins with thinking.
What are you doing? What are you doing about your life experience in the days, weeks, months and years to come?

Are you happy to just let things drift along as they have been while hoping that things will get better? Do you believe you can keep doing what you've been doing and get a better result? If so, I have news for you. Nothing will change for you. You'll just get more of the same. However, if you are ready for a better, happier, healthier, more prosperous life, there is good news. You CAN!

You have free will and dominion over your thinking and your life. The whole universe and all of its goodies are ready for you. You have dominion over everything. You have the ability of working with divine law, the law of Love being the highest. This gives you the power to overcome weakness and faults of character. It endows you with the gift of originality which is called, doing things in a new way. You are authorized to think on a higher plane and to live the more abundant life. What you do now, today and everyday, is important. Determine to think and to live in accord with divine law and the whole universe will help you create a great new life for you. - Lovingly, Rev. John

This Week's Golden Key Positive Prayer: Divinely guided, I think and live in accord with divine law and I am happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous now.

Depending on your desire to prosper, declare the above prayer 50 to 100 times every day for at least a week. Expect something wonderful to happen, and it will!

Author's Bio: 

Rev. John W. Adams is a Unity Minister, ordained in June, 1966 by Lowell Fillmore, son of the founders of Unity School of Christianity, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Rev. John has dedicated his life to empowering people to live life lovingly, positively, and prosperously as God intends. Through his writings and teachings, and his prayer ministry, he has kept true to this purpose. He is the founder and director of Golden Key Ministry-Unity, a worldwide healing prayer ministry by mail and the Internet, established in 1974. Rev. John is the author of eleven self-help and prosperity print books, plus seven e-books. Be sure and visit our bookstore -