What are you tolerating in your life that is keeping you from success? Tolerations are like the shoes that are left in the middle of the floor which you keep walking around instead of putting away. It may seem easier to take the few extra steps than to remove the obstacle, but in time those extra steps add up to miles and hours of wasted time and energy which could be spent moving toward success. So what are you walking around, avoiding, putting up with? What is it costing you in time, energy and focus?
Tolerations can be little things like the disorganized wallet that you have to rifle through to find the debit card you need for your next purchase. Or it can be something big like an unresolved issue in a relationship or taxes left unfiled. Whether big or small, each toleration is an energy drain which distracts you either subtly or directly from productive action toward your deepest desires and highest priorities. You may already be aware of big ones looming in the background or the little ones right in front of your face. If you're feeling drained, distracted or unfocused it's time to do an inventory of the tolerations in your life. And if you’re not sure where to start, here are some guidelines to help you get organized.

Start by making a list of the tolerations which come to mind immediately. Separate the list into two categories.

1) Tolerations which can be taken care of in a short amount of time

2) Tolerations which require time, ongoing support, or something from someone else

Label your category 1 list “Immediate Action”. Label your category 2 list “Long Term”. Next write down a few starter steps you can take toward eliminating the tolerations in category 2, the Long Term list. If there is a step you can take immediately put it on category 1, Immediate Action list. Also write down all small actions you can take to alleviate the tiny tolerations in your life. Now look at your Immediate Actions list and pick 3-5 items from that list that you can complete by the end of the day. Then choose one that you will act on right away and do it. This action will start your momentum for completing the rest.

As you continue to work on eliminating tolerations in your life you will find that new ones will come to your awareness. Continue to categorize them, moving tasks from the Long Term list to the Immediate Action list daily. Consistently complete 3-5 things on your immediate actions list every day to maintain your focus and momentum. If you come across some resistance or overwhelm when moving toward success in this way it may be time to seek out extra support. It’s extremely helpful to enlist the help of an accountability buddy (a friend or acquaintance with who has agreed to let you report your successes to them as you complete your goals) or a coach who can help you unearth and eliminate the underlying cause of resistance in this instance.

After several weeks of consistent practice, eliminating tolerations will start to become a way of life. Notice how much lighter you feel and how your energy level increases. Also notice the ease at which you are able to complete projects, all because you have eliminated minor annoyances and moved major obstacles.

Author's Bio: 

Sandy Freschi is a personal life coach, ordained minister and intuitive healer with over 20 years experience in the healing and helping professions. Her mission is to empower people to create the life they want with the wisdom they have. She believes that the best way to do this is by fully living the inner spirit in the outer world. http://www.coachingwithsandy.com