Whenever you spill something on your carpet it will obviously stain, then you clean the stain and it gets disappeared by carpet cleaning, but after some days you again notice the same stain on that spot. It will make you think that what happened? Why this stain is reappearing? Then there are two main reasons for its reappearance one might be soiling of that spill and second can be wicking. You can try some carpet stain removal.

What To Do If It Is Due To Soiling?

If you know that the cause of reappearance of stain is soiling caused by any residue left behind from the cleaner used previous time, spill some warm water on the spot. But measure the amount of water according to the size of the stain, as if more water is poured then it will be difficult to rinse the residue out of the fibers of the carpet. but always remember to dry the fibers after as much as you can to avoid wicking. You can try to dry the carpet by placing a paper towel on the wet spot and place some weight on the towel to let it absorb all water from the carpet.

What to Do If It Is Due To Wicking?

If any stain is reappearing then it is due to soiling in maximum cases but if you don't believe it then you might be dealing with wicking. In that case, you need to treat the spot as normally and gently you can and be sure to stack towels and weights on the spot overnight, it will be useful for you to remove stain this time.

What To Do If Stain Is Not Disappearing?

If the stain Is reappearing again and again then you are dealing with a much bigger spill, in that case, the best thing to do is contacting the Carpet Cleaning Shenton Park to help you with a stain by hot water extraction method. But always go for a reputed company providing you the satisfactory results with quality service.

Prevention From The Stains

If the stains are reappearing then these can be prevented by treating the spills as quickly as possible at the time they occur, if you don't want that spill to get soaked by your carpet. After you treat the stain then place paper towels over the spot and you can place a stack of books or any heavy material over it to draw up any moisture left. And if you are worried about getting your books wet then place a plastic wrap in between paper towel and your bottom book. Same if the trick is not working then contact Carpet Cleaning Perth to clean the stain professionally.

How We Can Help You?

To have a healthier home, cleaner, with carpets that are not having any allergens, stains, and bacteria on them. With the help of our company Spotless Carpet Steam Cleaning, hot water extraction, carpet disinfection carpet cleaning techniques, stains and bad odors will be removed and your carpet and atmosphere will be more sanitized and healthy.

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