Gréti is an albino corn snake. My son received her as a gift two years ago.

Because we really love animals, Gréti became a family member.

Calm, silent animal who gives us profound learnings.

In the days I had the pleasure to watch her shed. I saw how she slowly deliberately came out of her skin.

She dropped her tight skin.

I thought about that.

Shedding was so simple, and, of course. as she moved, she left her old skin behind.

She let go of what did not serve her life. She dropped what was pressing.

Have you ever wondered whether only one move, one word, or one thought can make changes?

Have you ever wondered whether you sometimes have to hide from the "skin" you've been getting out of?

The skin, which should often be discarded, includes our limiting beliefs.

The chains holding us back from fulfillment in life.

Once a great man told me:

„Many times one step is what separates you from your dream.

Summarize the idea that tells you that you are worthless, and you cannot do something; let it go.

Take a deep breath, jump, and open your wings!"

Expand your wings and throw away your limiting beliefs!

Become a Conscious Creator!

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Theresia Valoczy
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