There’s a quote being used frequently these days that I rather like: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” There seem to be different sources credited for it.

“When you ACCEPT your inner divinity you discover your inner genius. When you DISCOVER your inner genius you reveal your inner excellence. When you REVEAL your inner excellence your release your inner joy. When you RELEASE your inner joy you receive your inner peace.”

“Perhaps the greatest gift in life is to BE who you actually are and to DO what only you can do! The pressure is always on to trade your uniqueness for compliance and conformity. The temptation is always there to trade your genius for mediocrity, your extraordinariness for commonness, and your wings for chains. Revel in your ORIGINALITY!” (c) Divinitudes by James L. Giles, 2010.

If we are to be happy and thrive, we must live an authentic life- a life that’s authentic and meaningful for us alone. It’s none of our business what anyone else thinks about us. To have an authentic life, we must arrange, re-arrange, re-design our lives as needed to become in accordance with our values. We must be true to ourselves….true to our truest selves. The more congruence there is between who you really are, what you value, and what you do with your life, the happier and more truly effective, truly successful (by MY definition of the word), and the more peaceful you will be. When the level of that congruence reaches critical mass, you begin to THRIVE! Life becomes a great experience. Synchronicity and grace are then more likely. Life becomes quite delightful when this happens.

My soul’s purpose is to learn how to completely thrive and to guide and support others to do the same if they are so inclined. Discovering and pursuing your own soul’s purpose is a key to truly thriving. My work is designed to address both discovering and pursuing your own soul’s purpose. I have adapted and combined some very graceful yet very powerful tools to facilitate this for myself and for you.
Although my work is called Money*Mission*Mastery, ultimately, It’s really not about the money itself. However, money, or what you believe about money, is one of the biggest obstacles to living an authentic life- the life you are meant to lead. THAT is the main reason, for me, to address money issues. Money is a microcosm of the macrocosm. Interestingly, as I work with a client on their money issues, their whole life transforms and becomes more authentic, more effective, more delightful. This shows that our lives are hologram: we address one part, make changes, catalyze transformation and your whole life transforms.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I read a blog post by a leader in one of my many LinkedIn groups for NLP.

Here is a snippet from that blog post that I offer for you to ponder the idea that to truly thrive, you must truly be yourself! The bolding is mine:

The Time is Here and the Time is Now

What I have learned is that in order to thrive in life you need to accept the fundamental principle of giving for the sake of giving, but in order for this philosophy to have the type of impact that I have envisioned for all of the members of the IDENTITY REVOLUTION, the first person that you need to give to is yourself. That is the underlying purpose and goal with Brandentity because once you make the choice to identify with yourself and become the real YOU, then all of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations will begin to come to fruition. This journey is not for the faint of heart, but what I will tell you is that those who decide to join BRANDENTITY and experience the adventure will begin to realize that tomorrow can be even better then today. As Dr. Gabriel Cousens MD once said, “The Personality is a Case of Mistaken Identity!..We Are Born Originals-Why Do So Many Die Copies?”

Want to move forward toward being truly yourself and thriving? This can be very challenging. I have tools to facilitate the process and make it quite graceful. Contact me for a free consultation; I’d love to help you. Go to to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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