The state of the economy has affected the quality of education in this country. What does that mean to your child? Well there have been numerous studies and books written on the evolution of a child’s mind and how it is affected by Art. In this article I will pull from these resources synopses of a child’s mental and cognitive development with and without Art.
According to Howard Gardner (1993) Children need to create their own marks and symbols while drawing, painting, and making three-dimensional projects as their own imagination direct them. This increases a child’s aptitude for learning and promotes an abstract thought process which is critical to higher learning and advancement in education. These spatial, musical, and kinesthetic intelligences, as identified by Howard Gardner need to be cultivated and nurtured from early childhood. Not only do they need to touch and physically stimulate themselves with the different colors and textures of art supplies and materials. Children also need the time to develop their own individual ideas in order to develop a higher cognitive appreciation for new information.
A child who is deprived of this experience suffers mentally and physically. These deprived children suffer because they do not develop at the rate that they should. Not only are they developmentally behind but also physically behind. Researchers found that art education can contribute significantly to a child's cognitive, language and motor skills. Scans of the brain have shown that the cerebral cortex of the child’s brain is lit up when the child is engaging in music or art. “According to Howard Gardener's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, students who take art classes develop an increased capacity to learn because they expand their learning styles beyond linguistic and mathematical reasoning in their traditional classes.” Dr. James Catterall from UCLA found that students who took arts classes performed better on standardized tests and had higher grades than students who did not participate in art education. Studies done of students in the public school system have shown us these results. Children who participate in the arts programs are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, three times more likely to be elected to class office within their schools, four times more likely to participate in a math and science fair, and three times more likely to win an award for school attendance. Not only is there a significant impact on young children’s development but also a measurable impact on at risk teens. Having art as an outlet deters sometimes delinquent behavior, truancy problems and increase their overall academic performance.
Similar studies have shown that disadvantaged children whom are not given any art education are eventually subject to social and emotional problems as well as cognitive agitation and stress. Students who are given art education in elementary school are twice as likely to attend College after High School as those who don’t. Unfortunately due to cut backs in the public school system our children are deprived of this necessary Art education. It is now the responsibility of the parents to give their children an opportunity to participate in some kind of an Art Program after school in their community. There is one such program in Southern California called Mission Art Center. This afterschool and weekend art program is designed by artists for children, teens and adults. Mission Art Center showcases the art of their students in exhibits for their students to display their hard work and imagination. They are given the opportunity to experience art in different mediums and styles. After each course is completed the child is recognized with a certificate of achievement awarded by the instructor and founder of this art program.

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