Having worked with many mediums over a 15 year career within the metaphysical readings industry. I have collected together many pieces of information which explain the science behind what happens to us when we die. Before we die our spirit guides prepare for our deaths months or weeks in advance. They know ahead of time when a spirit is about to pass over. When we are on the path to death our vibration becomes much lower, if you can think of our energy centres and chakras as a spinning top then this start to spin ever slower and the energy starts to slow down, this is a state that comes about when we are nearing death.

The spirit body will start to leave the body in stages until eventually the silver cord binding spirit to body snaps and this is the point of death. Someone who is clairvoyant may be able to see the silver cord snapping at the top of the head, this is the areas of the spiritual crown area. A person close to death will sleep a lot more or even be in a coma, this is so their spirit can prepare for their passing, and the spirit guides can then help prepare the spirit for the other side, it is also said that this also helps prepare the family who are often sitting at their bed side.

Sometimes there is a rush of spiritual energy going into the body at the time of death and this is to help detach the spirit from the body and aid the progress of the spirit back into the spirit realms.
After this experience the person always dies, as the silver cord is snapped. If there is an accidental death then the silver cord may still be attached strongly to the person as their life force would still have been strong, but as the life force drains from the body the chord eventually breaks at death.

Generally at the point of death the spirit is allowed to remain near the body for a while to rest and at this point if family is present they will see this so it is important still to speak to the loved one as they probably hear you. The spirit of the deceased may see a crowd of friends and relatives gathered around the bed where they have just died, but of course they cannot be heard but what you can do of course is visit a professional medium who can make that link back to the one you love and so channel the information and evidence to you, this is the fabulous job of a medium, the most important calling in the world.

Sometimes a spirit will become earthbound as they cannot leave their families and move on, when this happens a guide will usually help and explain that they experiencing passing over from death and this should work but doesn’t always as the person has to be ready to accept this fact. Understand this path and your transition will be easier at that time.

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Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master

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