A psychic should not be confused with a true clairvoyant, this is because true clairvoyancy is actually seeing or sensing the spirit side. Real spirit side sensing is not available to psychics as a psychic is an empath or someone intuitive and who can sense someones situation and energy field, this is far far different to a true link into the spirit side.

In this world there is physical energy and there is spiritual energy. The one great tragedy of life is that the true essence of what we actually are isn’t taught to us from an early age.

I believe at infant school level all children should be taught that we are actually from spirit, and have a spirit body that exists separately to our physical body, although is linked whilst we live on the mortal plain via a silver cord, and indeed they should be taught that our spirit body survives once our shell dies. It is only the physical shell that has a timeline or expiry date and it is not the whole person that degenerates down into the spiral of decline. It is impossible for some to accept that the consciousness does indeed survive death, science cannot prove or disprove it, but there are serious studies being undertaken to prove this and there are already machines which can measure the power of healing and aura energy fields.

These serious studies will be released and prove that the essence of a human being lives on after death without any shadow of death due to the scientific approach. There is already a spiritual wave of awakening where more and more people are seeking the answers to see if there really a reason for the whole essence of life and what the whole make up of it is.

A popular way to start and indeed the way most people begin to believe there is more to life is by the use of a spiritual reader. Often known as a psychic medium, this type of person will have come to that life by way of either being born with the gift and seeing spirit people as clear as you and I see people or by developing the gift.

Can anyone become a medium? Well the answer is yes and the reason is because you are made of spirit yourself. Of course like any discipline you will need to train and practice but generally if you call in your spiritual guides and put the intention out into the universe that you wish to follow this path then the spirit side will be more than happy to assist.

A psychic medium can start you off on the path of all knowledge. How you live your life in this world affects what levels you reside at in the next and being spiritual doesn’t actually mean being kind and giving love. Being spiritual means you are aware of your spiritual essence, the key is to use this as am platform and give out love and kindness in your life path as this is they key to your own development, and, it feels nice!

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Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master

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