Alpha sound
is a frequency of thoughts and a state of mind that, previously, could only be achieved while sleeping or in deep meditation. During our waking hours, our brains usually function at what is known as beta. In beta, we are not apt to think, reason, and remember as well as when our brains are at alpha levels.

alpha sound

Using alpha sound for your benefit
In REM, or rapid eye movement sleep, when we are dreaming and composing a dream-reality, the mind functions at between 7 and 14 cycles per second. This is the alpha sound, and thinking in this state can help us solve problems, learn new things, and it can even affect our daily reality. Unfortunately, our normal aware and awake functioning is in beta, a faster brain cycle meant to respond immediately to stressors and dangers.

Beta levels are between 14 and 21 cycles per second and they speed up as we experience emotions or upsetting events. The more upset we are, the faster our brains go, causing constant thoughts, restlessness, and insomnia, and severely taxing our ability to concentrate. As we grow older, this state becomes more and more the norm, and our ability to focus and learn deteriorates.

By consciously bringing the mind back to the alpha sound and experiencing life at this level, it is possible to become more and more relaxed, confident, and happy. Not only do we have less stress and fewer irrational reactions in the alpha state, we get more from life by simply being in the present moment at all times. We improve our concentration, communication, and learning skills.

The mind learns better, thinks better, and produces more thoughts of contentment and happiness in the relaxed alpha state. Those who are practiced and can achieve this state at any time tend to have more comfortable, easy lives. In the alpha state, it is like being in the flow of life while directing the river at the same time. Everyone can benefit from this state of mind.

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We can learn to meditate and focus the alpha sound by consciously relaxing our bodies, closing our eyes and rolling them upward, then counting down from five. Feel your whole being letting go and notice your breath. Beginners should do this sitting up so they don't fall asleep.

Once you feel totally relaxed, allow yourself to imagine possibilities in the alpha state, or to picture something you want coming into your life. Visualizations are very powerful in this state of mind. Although it takes practice, eventually, the goal is to be able to access this relaxed state at any time, and use it to make your life easier and more manageable.

Once you begin to feel the deep power of a more relaxed, open mind, you won't want to stop. Everyone who tries this just wants to learn more about it, because they sense the incredible power and happiness that can come from being able to control the mental states. The alpha sound is one of the keys to a better life.

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