Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses its vision on the aesthetic problems of teeth and smile through the search for aesthetic harmony, using art and science based on certain visual parameters such as:

• The visual perception of the smile
• Balance or alignment of its components
• The alteration of the smile

Different techniques used in cosmetic dentistry
Currently, there are techniques and materials that allow treatments for aesthetic purposes that return to the patient the proper function and aesthetics. The treatments, as practiced by Kate Brayman can be classified as follows:

• Hygiene and prophylaxis treatments
• Microabrasion enamel treatments
• Gingival (gum) aesthetic contouring
• Whitening techniques

There are restorative treatments such as:

• Composite resins
• Porcelain cheeks
• Aesthetic incrustations
• Orthodontic or orthognathic treatments
• Periodontal treatments

Also, Kate Brayman DSS offers solutions to all kinds of dental problems such as:

• Dental asymmetries caused many times by the crowded teeth that generate an altered aesthetics despite being healthy and sanitized.
• Inter-incisive diseases between anterior teeth.
• Changes in coloration or pigmented teeth caused by medications or different infusions such as coffee, tea, or nicotine from cigarettes.
• Caries at the level of the neck of the teeth or dental abfractions that are a consequence of Parafunction (Bruxism) that produces loss of hard tissues due to excess load during mastication.
• Dental fractures caused by bumps or trauma.

Perceptions of the beauty of the smile in different cultures

The smile is one of the major focus in cosmetic dentistry. The smile is one of the most important facial expressions, a language which often expresses joy, happiness or pleasure.

How can I know if I have an ideal smile? It's easy. You just have to follow your own instinct. The important thing is what you like and not what others think. There is no universal definition of beauty. In fact, the general norms of the beauty of the smile vary according to culture. Asians think that the attractive smile is one that shows an important part of the gums, while Europeans and Americans try to avoid this characteristic because we consider it unsightly. Please check if you still have confusion.

In some cultures, the fact of having gold teeth is a symbol of status, while in others, they are not well seen since importance is given to the naturalness of the smile. The important thing is that all the components of your smile fit between them. And, above all, that you feel comfortable with them.

What can I do to improve my smile?

Every patients have more strength when he believes in enhancing his smile. Following good dental hygiene and going to check-ups with the dentist allows you to maintain a healthier and, therefore, prettier smile.

What we do not recommend is the use of home treatments such as teeth whitening or any other procedure that does not have the supervision of a dentist, as these can often involve problems that end up requiring the intervention of the dentist.

So, if you want to get a pretty smile, follow all the advice of your dentist and let him recommend the best treatments to make the changes you want in your teeth.
Don't forget to make an appointment with Dr. Kate Brayman in NYC to have a beautifully-enhanced dentition and, hence, a better smile.

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