Popular iOS devices like iPhone, iPads and iPod strike one’s mind when we talk about the word ‘app’. They are the Apple held devices and are assumed to be possessed by some elite and sophisticated group of people in most parts of the world.

Also, in the past few years, the iOS app Store has achieved a new milestone and has offered everything that a business needs, whether it is a start-up or a big brand. According to recent researches, Apple’s App Store has approximately 2.8 million apps available by the beginning of year 2018.

What is iOS?

iOS is an Apple founded operating system that easily runs on some specifically designed devices i.e. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This operating system has been developed for multi-touch interaction where the users are allowed to perform every action through touch gestures. Touch gesturing is a revolutionized technology in which Apple masters. In addition, a wide range of actions are provided by this operating system to its users including pulling, swiping, tapping and pinching where they can leverage landscape modes as well.

Recently, some pioneering gestures like accelerometers and gyroscopes are also launched by the Apple devices. These gestures facilitate the users in changing app orientation flawlessly instead of controlling them directly and it can be simply done by titling the devices. Due to this the number of apps across the App Store marketplace has increased and has given an insight to more number of businesses to focus on building their own mobile apps to generate increased revenues and perform their business methodologies and processes in an impeccable manner. Mobile companies are gaining immense popularity and revenues through iOS App Development and successfully delivering quality based, user-friendly and intuitive apps on different app development verticals including entertainment, business, gaming, social networking cuisines etc.

The iPhone

By year 2018, the number of iPad users in the US crossed more than 81.1 million. The constantly rising popularity of the iPhone devices in the mobile world has enabled majority of businesses and industries to leverage the fame of these emerging and most fascinating platform. This is the reason why thousands of app development companies deliver reliable and trustworthy iPhone app development services to help the businesses in leveraging this popular technology. Most importantly, it includes four generations of the installed base of the iPhone users including the iPhone devices ranging from iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s.

The iPad

Apple’s iPhone has really given a new way to the Smartphone users to become technologically advanced. Who one can know earlier that a 9.7-inch capacitive screen and a unique button will become that imperative part of people’s life so soon.

With the launch of iPads, Apple has revolutionised the IT world with bringing a variety of hand held devices that are capable of multi-tasking. Apple’s iPad users are facilitated to have exceptional and unique user-interfaces in order to get rich user experiences. Some of its pioneer features include retina display, A5X systems, HD video camera, dual core processor etc. that make it a completely user-centric and featured-pack device. In its huge variety, iPad 1st, iPad Air, iPad Mini to iPad Pro are some of its classy models.

iOS apps include iPad apps and iPhone apps. iPads started capturing attention of their users right after their launch and since then, it is constantly meeting the demands of its customers. The reason behind this is the development and availability of the top-notch apps of all genres to the users including games, entertainment, business enterprise, Augmented Reality, wearable apps etc.

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