If you heard the word iq option tournament what comes first into your mind? Well it might be the intelligence quotient where someone’s intelligence has been tested and get based on human definitive test to draft human intelligence. In today’s world there are lots of IQ can be mean. IQ can be a binary options where you can trade and win real money. In fact you really need an IQ to understand how this really works. In some especially for expert in trading they find it easy but for some who really wants to understand it might be a trial and error for them.

So you might want to try it first and get the jeez of it. A good suggestion as well is watch online on how they do it seamlessly. Most videos online are really gives you different techniques and you will know some tricks and secrets ways on how they win a lot and real money in it. Most winners are from Russia maybe because they played very well and they already cracked in the secrets in playing the IQ options. Most players are from their country as well you can see it on the tournaments that has been played. Also you might want to check the leaderboard for it and see how really good they are.

Once you think that you are comfortable in participating to the game. All you have to do is first buy a digital cash or for some they call it cyber cash. Once you have that you can now enter and join in the tournament. You just have to be keen observer and strategic in placing a bet because this might be your downfall. Some players placed a big amount of bet and check in and out all possible winning position once they feel that they are losing they are placing all in, but if you really giving an eye for the experts you can see they will buy a cyber cash again. Want to know why? Simply because they are leading in the tournament and get real big of investments.

Daily there are three sets of tournament you can participated on. You can join all of the tournaments if that is what really your vibes are telling you. Most players do it all the time and check first who joined the tournament and how much is the prize at stake. Good habit in playing this that can really help you is to know. When to bet and join the game. If you heard the saying if the prize is right. Most adept players says it all the time. Some they call it good fortune or forecasting. They will wait for the right time until it is the time to get in and play some real cash virtually.

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Once you think that you are comfortable in participating to the game.