Every successful business owner understands the importance of online brand positioning. But what is online branding and how can you develop your own positioning strategy? Let’s take a look.

What is online branding?

Branding is a type of marketing method that helps you target your demographic audience. Online branding, then, is exactly what it sounds like – developing a strategy to market to your target audience via the internet. Businesses can target their audience through a variety of different means including social media, online advertisements, online classified ads, and other internet methods.

What is online brand positioning?

After a business has decided upon its target audience, it must then decide how it wants that audience to see their product or service. This is known as brand positioning. Because your branding will directly affect how your audience perceives your product or service, you will want to put in the time to come up with a great positioning strategy.

What are the elements of a successful positioning strategy?

If you want to create a great positioning strategy, you need to accomplish three things; you need to make your business stand out from others, you need to be focused, and you need to make your product or service relevant.

If you want your online brand positioning strategy to work, you need to make your company stand out. If your business is the same as every other business, no one is going to notice you and you will not attract any customers. If you want to develop a powerful brand, you must find a way to stand out from your competition. Unbeatable prices, unique services/products, and excellent marketing techniques are all ways that you can separate yourself from your competition and attract customers to your business.

Another key concept of online positioning deals with focus. There are two different types of businesses; generalists and specialists. Many companies are going in the direction of generality as an attempt to attract more customers. As a small business owner, try to avoid this. When it comes to online brand positioning, find a niche and stick to it. Once you are seen as an expert in a specific area, you will attract more customers – who will be willing to pay more for your services or products!

Finally, when developing a positioning strategy, make your business relevant. You can put hundreds of hours into branding, but if your product or service is not something that clients are looking for, you aren’t going to generate any business. Before you sink thousands of dollars into your business plan, do your research and make sure that there is a market for it.

So, what is online branding and online brand positioning? It is a marketing strategy that affects how your target audience will perceive your product or service. With a successful positioning strategy, you will be able to create a positive impression of your business, attracting more customers and generating more sales. When creating your brand strategy, always remember the three key elements to success; distinction, focus, and relevance!

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Silvia Pencak is The Magnetic Branding Expert and Mentor. For over 7 years Silvia kept building successful venues in Europe and Canada. She became known as the expert in building a powerful brand and is often asked for advice in management, marketing and organizational areas of building a powerful small business brand. She understands that the power of branding, authenticity, relationship building and marketing efforts can make or break a successful business. Silvia shares her expertise online at http://MagneticLook.com to help other women entrepreneurs build successful brand and to support those who don't settle for a mediocre business and average lifestyle.