Spiritual life coaching is about manifesting your desires by clarifying your vision and goals, removing blocks and increasing your energy and vibration to attract what you desire.

It differs slightly from conventional life coaching, in that it focuses a lot on the 'inner game' and core beliefs before taking the initial steps towards success.
If you desire a new business, more clients, a soul mate - it all begins with your internal state of mind, and getting aligned with your goals. Often we consciously and subconsciously create blocks in own lives and struggle for years wondering why all our hard work didn't achieve the success we dreamed about.

As human beings we are energetic beings and as we accumulate thoughts, beliefs, emotions, traumas throughout out lives, some of this energy can be trapped in our spiritual field. These energetic or spiritual patterns could influence the decisions and events in our lives.

Spiritual life coaching involves the following:

1. Guiding the client to understand and measure their spiritual beliefs and energy
2. Clarifying their vision, goals and steps required to achieve these
3. Removing spiritual energy blocks, and identifying self sabotaging beliefs and habits
4.Providing the client with energetic tool, practices and visualizations that will increase energy levels and reduce resistance

If you identify as a spiritual person, then spiritual life coaching could be a great way to change your life for the better.
Some of the incredible benefits of working with a spiritual or energetic life coach include:

1.Coaching gets results.

Studies have proven that working with an external person can provide the perspective, tool, motivation and guidance that we can't always get from ourselves, families, friends, or a book!

2. Coaching is about designing a new life
When you work with a life coach, you will create a new life plan whereby everything in your head, is down on paper in an organized manner. This gives you a clear step by step blue print to easily achieving your goals

3. Coaching is not a life time program!
Unlike counselling, life coaching is about a short sharp burst of inspiration and guidance. It is about empowering a client and not creating need and dependence.

4. The benefits of coaching are unlimited!
As the adage goes - "how long is a piece of string?"

It's the same for spiritual life coaching. The incredible benefits include clarity, increase in energy and focus, peace of mind, conflict resolution, improving relationships, career enhancement to name just a few!

If you thing that your life or relationship could do with a powerful injection of energy, clarity and guidance than consider hiring a spiritual life coach.

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