Bob Proctor said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” We are best served if it’s what we focus on. So, what’s the “main thing?”

Actions? Beliefs? Results? Desires? Goals? Nope.

The Main Thing is stated in this other wise statement by Bob: “Your results are an expression of your own level of awareness.” Your focus is better placed on expanding your awareness. Everything else is built upon this. How often this fact gets lost in the shuffle.

Are you aware of things you can do but aren’t?
Are you doing things you really don’t have to do, but haven’t reached the point of awareness that you don’t have to do them (or accept, allow)?
Are you aware improper focus on results creates an energetic ripple effect that impedes your experience and progress?

If too much focus is on desired results (future), you’re not 100 percent in your “now” moment. You’re also not fully aware of (appreciating) all that you have right now. The most significant things you have with you always are your current level of awareness and your ability to expand your awareness.

If too much focus is on desired results, you go into compete-mode: competing with your past and others, competing with getting more (money, material items, satisfaction)—rather than being in creative-mode, which results in all of these. In compete-mode, you struggle. You fret. You take lots of actions (or feel immobilized), driven primarily by panic, fear, or doubt.

In creative-mode, you use your energy wisely and follow what you feel inspired and motivated to do—that aims you at your target. When you follow what you’re inspired and motivated to do, you are joyful and enthused more often than not. You pay attention differently, which expands your awareness, in each moment.

If having more money (or any desired result) is a concern, where is your focus, your energy, your awareness? These are, likely, NOT aligned with creativity, enthusiasm, joyfulness, inspired ideas, inspired motivation, much less Trust. Yet, you may stand in the inner space of all this chaotic energy, using spiritual techniques frantically (or not)—and expect desired results to penetrate that energy and end your emotional pain. That’s kind of like expecting to perform at your best while someone standing next to you is raging at you (you are both the “performer” and the one raging). You can expand your awareness about this with this thought: “You can’t get there from here.”

You may have been lured into a fallacy about results through flashy emails that aim at your fears and tell you that if you do “this,” you (like the sender) can get thousands of dollars or massive success or whatever form of relief you seek overnight, in one week, in one month (How long was the inner and outer journey to get where you are now?—though, that doesn’t mean shifts will take as long). You fall into the trap of focusing on results (to end your pain fast) instead of expanding awareness (which shifts pain into wisdom)—a far better guide to actions that lead to improved experiences and results. If your energy is entwined with beliefs that hold you back (unaware of your true power), even if you use flashy things and get results, you’re awareness may not shift.

And, you’ll repeat the same inner experiences (and similar outer ones) until you expand your awareness in a way that shifts this. You’ll continue to focus on what you don’t have or don’t do and not appreciate what you do have and can do, or do. What you CAN do from the inner level goes underused, or even ignored, more than put to best use. You continue to believe the Power is outside of you, which means you don’t expand awareness (and expression) of your True Power. Denial of your true power is the foundation of your discontent. And this behavior does nothing to strengthen your Self trust or to trust your experiences happen for a reason, or that you can expand your awareness as a result of them.

You may have been convinced “fast” is the way; yet, the contrast that creates with the belief in—trust in—Right Timing is not recognized. Do you even perceive the energetic conflict that sets up inside of you? Expand your awareness As You Go. Your results will keep pace. This means some results WILL happen fast; but you frustrate yourself when you expect every result to do so. This causes you to not pay attention to the Important Stuff—the opportunities to expand your awareness—going on all the time. Your awareness is the foundation that underlies everything in your life.

Imagine a long-distance drive for work or pleasure. Which is better: You speed along, eyes straight ahead, body tense, and repeat, “I’ve got to get there fast!” or, you’re attentive to driving but relaxed, enjoy the scenery, take breaks to address needs and refuel your energy, and stay flexible about arrival time—because things like weather and road work happen? Does a body-builder expect the end result to happen immediately or over time?

Here are some awareness-expanding questions:

• Do the thoughts, words, actions, FEELINGS I have (or “feed”) support that the power over my life and experiences is outside of me or within me?
• Should I do what everyone else does or says I “should” do, or should I open myself to inspired ideas and motivation about what’s appropriate for me (based on my head-and-heart alignment), and act from there?
• Does my motivation to take an action come from inner knowing or from fear?
• Am I paying attention to my feelings and what they attempt to tell me? From what level of awareness do I listen and act?

“Your results are an expression of your own level of awareness.”

You are what you practice.
© 2010, Joyce Shafer

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