Tramasol, is a reliever of pain with opioids used in the treatment of moderate to moderately severe pain, abdominal pain, shoulder pain, pain in lower back, back of neck pain and pain in another part of the body. When taken oral combination immediate release start within one hour. There are two different mechanisms. First, it binds the opioid receptor. Second, it inhibits the uptake of norepinephrine and serotonin.

Tramasol can be added together with paracetamol as it is known to enhance the efficiency to relieve pain. Tramasol and O-demethyltramadol, the strong opioid metabolized.


Tramasol is majorly taking for the treat ment of mild to severe pain, acute and chronic abdominal pain, shoulder pain, pain in lower back, back of neck pain and pain in another part of the body. Analgesic effects last for about an hour to take effect and 2-4 hours after oral administration with a peak current release. Tramasol in a per dose basis of one-tenth volume of morphine and almost potent than meperidine or codeine.

For moderate pain which makes the effectiveness of morphine and for severe pain, it is less powerful than morphine. This peak in about 3 hours after oral administration and analgesic effects last for about six hours.

There are 28 known natural alkaloids found in these Tramasol and work together to bring a powerful analgesic effect. Alkaloids are the most dominant and Mitragyna hydroxymitragynine 7, which act as agonists of opioid receptors. In addition to relieving pain, Tramasol is also working to encourage cognitive skills and better overall mood.


Mitragyna most Tramasol alkaloid content. While the effects of Mitragyna vary from one person to another, here are the common effects expected from this alkaloid:

Pain Relief

Among these effects, the two most important are the stimulation and pain relief. When you feel the rush of alertness and energy after taking Tramasol, particularly Mitragyna work.
Effects Mitragyna vary considerably depending on the dose. At lower doses, Mitragyna tends to be more difficult. At higher doses, mitragynine can produce a calming effect, which is good for the treatment of pain.

This Mitragyna have different effects, because it works with three different receptors in the brain. The effects vary depending on how you feel Mitragyna interacts with these sensors.
After reaction with adrenergic Mitragyna is primarily a stimulant, it releases adrenaline in the system of the body.

When Mitragyna interact with opioid receptors, the main effects is mostly for pain relief.

Although there is very little of this alkaloid in Tramasol is the most powerful of all. Unlike Mitragyna, this alkaloid in a very small area, it is faster and stronger way.
However, after the alkaloid may be too strong a single dose. Studies have shown that hydroxymitragynine 7 can have up to 10 times stronger than morphine. Its an effective analgesics powers 7-hydroxymitragynine Tramasol become a popular supplement for those who follow the withdrawal of opiates. Many have been successfully recovered from addiction, opiate addiction, because small amounts of alkaloids.

Alkaloids Tramasol

The main alkaloid in Tramasol with its main purpose.
7-hydroxymitragynine - analgesic / painkiller (opioid agonist), diarrhea, coughing
Mitragyna - analgesic / painkiller (opioid agonist), diarrhea, coughing adrenoceptor (a mild stimulant), malaria
Speciogynine - smooth muscle relaxant
Mitraphylline - anti-amnestic muscle relaxant, a vasodilator, an antihypertensive, a stimulant of immunity, the anti-leukemia
Epicatechin (EGC) - antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-mutagenic, anti-leukemic and anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetics. EGC is usually found in green tea.
9-Hydroxycorynantheidine - pain / analgesics
Isomitraphylline - immune system stimulant
Corynantheidine - mu opioid antagonist
Isopteropodine - immune system stimulant
Ciliaphylline - analgesic, cough
Isorynchophylline - immune system stimulant
Corynoxine A - broker dopamine
Corynoxine B - mediator dopamine
Ajmalicine - a sedative (anti-adrenergic receptors), increased blood supply to the brain, smooth muscle relaxation
vasodilators, antihypertensive anti-inflammatory, - rhynchophylline
Speciociliatine - Soft opioid agonist
Isomitrafoline - immune system stimulant
Speciophylline - antileukemic
Tetrahydroalstonine - adrenergic, reduces blood sugar

Benefits of Tramasol - Tramasol known benefits include:

Relief Abdominal pain
Chronic pain
Strengthen the immune system
Relieving opioid withdrawal
Interim relief / opioid maintenance
It improves mood and mood
Promotion of energy
Anxiety Treatment (ancxiolytic)
Improve cognitive abilities (nootropic)
The effects of malaria
Anti-inflammatory effects
Anti-leukemia effects
Lowers blood glucose levels
High antioxidant
Sexual stimulant
The high content of vitamins
High content of ascorbic acid
Promotes overall health
Tramasol is secured to be taken in the treatment of abdominal pain, shoulder pain, pain in lower back, back of neck pain and there are no recorded deaths associated with its use. Like all medicines, it has some side effects that can be experienced after prolonged use. These side effects are headache, nausea, and inability to concentrate. Use appropriate doses are recommended to reduce the presence of these side effects. The serious side effects may include high risk of serotonin syndrome, seizures, reduced alertness, and addiction. Although it seems that the risk of serotonin syndrome be low. Common side effects include constipation, itching and nausea, among others. Dosage adjustment may be recommended for people with liver or kidney issues. Its use is not recommended in women who are nursing or who are at risk of suicide.

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