Most of us are seeking for the purpose in life.

We all have bought into this idea that we all should have some purpose in life so that we can attach some meaning to it.

But in the first place, have u given some thought over it that why have we bought into this idea?

Do we really need a purpose to provide a meaning to our life? Or is it just because as per latest fad, we should have for the sake of having it.

Can anyone clearly distinguish between meaningful and meaningless for anything, leave the context of life?

One thing may have a meaning for me but has no meaning for you. It could be the same thing which has meaning for me today but will turn meaningless tomorrow. It is just the shift in perspective. They are simply points of views. There is nothing universal or permanent which holds a meaning always. Whenever we attach a meaning to something, it is based on our own points of view and perceptions; which may or may not change.

Has anyone felt what is that which we term as ‘meaningful life’? No one knows.

Yet people are looking for a meaning or purpose of life.

As people are moving towards a new age of spirituality at a fast pace, everyone is talking about finding purpose in life with their own fixed definitions and explanations of the purpose of life.

We are trying to fit into someone else’s definition of the purpose of life. In this process of trying to fit in those definitions, in the name of finding purpose we are simply fooling ourselves.

How is it possible that everyone can follow some definition for finding their purpose in life?

We are not machine made products which can be shaped into the same mold or run by the same program fed!

We all are unique individuals, and we must not lose our individuality like robots.

What seems here is that people are confusing their interests and likings with the purpose of life.

It has been with all of us and in our previous generations too, that pursuing a career or what you do you for a living has been labeled as the purpose in life.

We all have this faced questions since childhood that “what is your AIM?” which translates to “What do you want to do for a living?” and more questions like “what are your likings and dislikings?” These questions were not related to finding purpose in life, but our elders wanted us to be aware what do we enjoy and what is fun for us. Can we choose that is fun for us to become a living on growing up, or what other choices we could have if that interest can be imbibed into a profession for us so that we could make our life fun? In today's world, most people feel stuck in whatever job they are and lead their lives in a machine-like fashion. Their life revolves around their jobs, but they don't enjoy it at all. For example, many people pursue engineering or chartered accountancy or medical science, but that is not their own choice. They are living their parents’ dream and fulfilling their ambition, but they compel themselves for it. Yet there are some people who do it, in the name of purpose. This is to satisfy themselves in a way, but they really don't enjoy it.

We are running in this rat race for finding the purpose of life, and in this race of finding purpose, we lose our own LIFE.

What if the only purpose of life is to have fun?
Simply saying...

We spend our whole life to find our purpose...


Just because we want some external force to drive us.

Are we so impotent that we can't drive ourselves?

Why do we need to attach meaning to everything?

What if we can create our life without any form and structures?

Form and structure actually bound us to fill in the certain spots. For example, when we fill an online application form for anything, there are two possibilities: one which requires to put in some information into every field or column or else it won't be submitted, and the other, where no mandatory information is required. Only by our knowing we would fill the details which is required and submit. So in the first case, we have more pre-defined structures which have been made mandatory, and they also need more space to store too, and in the latter case, we have more space, ease, and flexibility. Similarly in our life, if we have no predefined structures, we have more choices, space, and possibilities.

How beautiful would that be to create our life from such space!

What if we can flow freely without any solidified point of view like the water flows freely and create waves either big or small.

Solidified points of view are the rigid structures that we follow, and they bound us to one particular way and leave us in a choice-less space.
When there is no solidified point of view that water has to create a big/small wave, it just creates waves, just a choice to create either.
In the same way, we all have choices to do what we enjoy. But we love being dependent on others for everything in our life. Like we follow so-called experts who tell us what is good for us, what we have to do and so on just to escape ourselves from making a choice.


But the news is that we don't need to be dependent on someone else to guide us. For example, we love seeking advice from a dietician on what to eat. How can we leave on someone else for choosing what our body would like to have in that particular day or time and that too from someone who follows a similar structure of diet for masses!

We are so entrained to live life this way as we don't trust our knowing and are not willing to choose for ourselves.

Another major reason for not choosing is: whom to blame if our choice goes wrong!?

Sad but true…!

We don't want to believe that we have the power to choose and change anything.

That's how we live our life.

Is that living?

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