There are many different types of treatments to choose from when treating bed bugs, but some of them may be better than others depending on your preferences. The following are some treatments that are probably spoken of less often, because they are less advertised – but that doesn’t mean they are less effective.

Prevention is the Best Bed Bugs Treatment

Prevention is the best line of attack, and hygiene is the first important factor. To start your, keep surfaces around the bed clean, make sure cracks are repaired. Mattresses can be encased with a sealed plastic cover to prevent any bugs present getting in or coming out to feed. Wash all clothes in hot water and dry with a hot drier after any journey using public transport. A bed bugs treatment that keeps all clutter and unnecessary soft furnishings to a minimum is preferred.

Home treatment for Bed Bug infestations

Vacuuming along all cracks and crevices, mattress and pillow seams, will get rid of a lot of bed bugs during your treatment. Steam cleaning is effective, but you are not likely to kill all the bed bugs as they creep deep into furniture and walls in the day. Washing all clothing and bed linen in water above 46 degrees Centigrade, will kill any bedbugs you may find in clothing during your treatment. These measures would need to be continuously used for a long time till you are sure there are no signs of infestation left.

Bed Bugs Treatment – The Insecticide Route

DDT was exceptionally good for treatment of bed bugs because of its long insecticidal activity, but it is no longer legal. Other pesticides such as pyrethroids are still in use.

Enzyme Bed Bugs Treatment

Enzyme sprays are a fairly new solution, totally safe to humans and pets. The enzymes causes the insects to molt prematurely, their effect is quick and effective. A few treatments are required to make sure that the eradication is complete. Eggs take about 10 days to hatch.

Oxygen Deprivation to Treat Bed Bugs

Clothing and sensitive items are placed in “flexi-bags” which are then sealed and the oxygen removed for 10 days to catch the hatch lings as well. This bed bugs treatment will cause them to die due to lack of oxygen. It is an environmentally friendly and effective method of treating bed bugs. Pest control companies use a combination of this and other methods as their bed bugs treatment.

If All Else Fails…..

If these above methods do not work for you, then you probably will want to hire a Pest Control Company Sydney to handle your infestation.

Bed bugs treatment can be difficult and often requires a multi-faceted approach to make sure that all the bugs are killed and no new ones hatch out. You will need to keep a wary eye out for any evidence of the presence bed bugs long after the treatment has been completed. It is easy for some bugs to escape the bed bugs treatment and begin a re-infestation. Watchfulness, prevention, early detection and rapid treatment remain the most important factors in the successful elimination of bed bugs.

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