Getting married is the most enjoyable feeling ever and now that I have a son, I feel so fulfilled. But changes will always happen, some will make you happy and others will haunt you… And there is one change that is starting to haunt me now!

After I gave birth, I gained weight and I lost that slender body with those curves. Ha! I’m starting to miss it now and at times like this I begin to feel a little sad on how I look today. Sometimes I ask my husband if I still look, you know, okay… and he will always say, “you look fine”, but I know that he is just too careful, never wanting to hurt my feelings. Reality bites, every time I try to get into my old jeans, but I can not manage to button them up, no matter how hard I try! Ugh! My blouses and t shirts are tight too! And the extra layers of fat are showing, so obvious, I feel so bad about it. Well a perfect time to go out and shop for new clothes and lift my spirits perhaps. But then the lady asks what size I want, and I tell her in a low voice… “Large” Ha! That hits me hard and knocks me once again!

So I decide to lose weight and get exercising, I am so full of good intentions at the start! I try it all, hip hop, abs, yoga, Pilates, taebo! Oh yes all of them! But I never really succeed at any, I lack the motivation and self discipline needed, and I blame it on my asthma, and remind myself that I could never do vigorous training, always excused as a kid. What more now? It’s difficult now that I’m a mother, I’ve become more delicate.

So if I can’t lose weight then it’s time to start feeling good about myself just as I am, size doesn’t really matter, but the person that I am does! It’s time to accept the fact that I am a bit bulky now, but that I am still pretty, inside and out! So to enhance that beauty, I can go for making the most of myself with the help of make-up, choosing the right outfits that will help me look a bit thinner, and boost that confidence in me. “I AM BEAUTIFUL!”(Laughing). Making sure that I look presentable when I’m with people, and especially for my husband, feels good (smiles). I just don’t allow the insecurities to eat me up anymore, and I can still do something better for myself.

I came across this new course from Noble Manhattan called Colour Coaching, it helps all ladies out there to feel great and look great! It caters for those ladies who want to make changes to their own life and to set up their own business in helping others to change for the best too. For more information please contact Noble Manhattan at or on 0800 19 10 100

What makes you really beautiful is feeling good about yourself, accepting your weaknesses and making the best use of your strengths. It’s not all physical; the purest part comes from within.

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