It seems by the time November 1st comes around everything is playing to the tune of “beat the clock.” The end-of-the-year has a lot to do with hustle and bustle. Businesses are trying to make plan so bonuses can be distributed. Retailers are promoting holiday sales by incenting people to shop at 4:00 in the morning in order to get the best savings. Because of the time of year, we may find ourselves getting caught up in this frenzy.

Chances are with the holidays approaching many folks are beginning to prepare for things like making travel arrangements and figuring out which family members are going to be this year’s host for one or more of the holidays. Others may be working on finishing year-end projects around the house. To those with children, in addition to taking care of our daily routines, we now have additional stress that includes cleaning, decorating, shopping and wrapping. Once that’s done there’s writing and sending of cards and gifts. Then there’s the packing and traveling. And cooking and baking, and looking fabulous because that’s what we are expected to do each year.

To those folks that are planning to attend one or more holiday gatherings or planning to have a family holiday photo taken may require multiple outfits for yourself and your family members. In hopes of saving a few bucks, we pray that there is something in our closets that can be re-worn. We also pray that whatever we find in the closet fits us and definitely fits our children since they’ve grown so much in a short time. We certainly all hope that no one remembers our wearing these outfits at previous times.

Finding time to do all of the things on our holidays lists isn’t contingent to only our schedule. Our children’s schedules are equally hectic with their class projects, social and after school activities. Finding time to get everyone together really involves good time-management skills. All of these details add up to a lot of extra stress for you and for your family members.

In truth, the most important gift we can give we can give to our self is the gift of well-being. The gift of well-being is truly a necessary ingredient in all that we do and yet for many of us we somehow place a greater value on other things as being more important. Just guessing that the gift of well-being didn’t make it onto your holiday lists yet again this year; perhaps if we’re lucky we’ll add it as an afterthought as a New Year’s resolution.

By learning the Release Technique® you and your family members can reduce your stress levels. You can all have more time to accomplish the details on your holiday lists and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

If you would really like a treat, you and your family members can plan to attend our annual year-end retreat by joining us at Camp Allen, in Navasota, TX. Dates for this retreat are Dec. 26, 2010 thru Jan. 1, 2011. Your children ages 5-12 can also attend camp and learn the Release Technique® during this special retreat. Older children and other family members are also welcome to attend. Imagine you and your family members coming together and knowing you’ll all walk away healthier, calmer, and happier than you can possibly imagine.

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Larry Crane has been teaching The Release® Technique to executives of Fortune 500 companies for years. He has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, psychologists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that are holding people back from having total abundance and joy in their lives.

The Release Technique has been taught to over 100,000 graduates worldwide.
The Abundance Course IS the Release Technique, the original Release Technique Method as taught by Lester Levenson.