After learning a foreign language like Spanish, various new career opportunities get opened and there seems to be plethora of jobs knocking at the door. Well, like any other course, learning foreign language also brings diverse career options for learners to explore.

If someone is looking to utilize their writing skills in Spanish, there are plenty of opportunities available in the competitive job market. While the market abounds in jobs that require aspirants to put their verbal skills to test, there are fewer jobs that require impeccable writing skills with grammatical accuracy & greater stock of words. In this article, we shall discuss about those jobs that need excellent writing skills in Spanish language.


After completing a Spanish language course in Kolkata, the best way to make use of writing skills in Spanish is by getting started in the role of a translator. Anyone choosing to work in this profile will have to translate an English written text into Spanish and vice-versa. To excel in it, a person needs to have great dexterity and skill in grammar and vocabulary in the language, so that she/he can use them appropriately while constructing sentences.

Content writer

Working as a Spanish content writer for websites can bring immense creative satisfaction. A writer has to write on diverse products & services to bring traffic to the website and improve page ranking on Google. From subject matter expert to SEO writer, there are ample opportunities for content writers and a proficiency in Spanish writing can help them to progress in this professional field.


Working as a Spanish correspondent and journalist for newspapers & broadcasting channels is an exciting thing & those with flair to write, collect news and help people in presenting their stories to the world can thrive in the job. Besides that, one has to be outgoing and adventurous and have the passion to travel extensively can excel in the job. Many aspirants after successfully completing a Spanish language course in Kolkata opt for this profession because of the glamour quotient but it involves handwork & commitment & lots of personal sacrifices.

Editor/ proof reader

The job of a proofreader involves checking for misspellings, rectify grammatical errors such as incorrect/missed tenses, find inconsistencies (textual and numerical), etc. Editing, and others. From newspapers to electronic media to digital marketing companies, the demand of editors is everywhere. Embarking on a task as an editor is a lucrative job option because of the remuneration packages & the increasing demand of the professionals in various media.


The job of an interpreter revolves around serving as a bridge between two languages and breaking the barriers of communication. They mostly find employment in events like International conferences, sports stadiums, corporate meetings, media houses, tourist centers and organizations, and more. To thrive in this position, an aspirant requires both verbal & written skills in Spanish language.


If someone has a flair for writing and the ability to utilize it in the best possible way then working as a blogger is a good option. One needs to have a passion for writing Spanish, and comprehensive knowledge on English language to get started as a freelancer blogger.

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