Are you someone who has bad things constantly happening to you? Do you possibly wind up meeting horribly evil people who rip you off or stab you in the back? Are you always trying to make ends meet?

I hope not. I hope you’re a person who is happy in life, has more than enough, and you’re surrounded by everyone and everything that brings you joy. I hope life for you is a bowl of cherries. Honestly I do. However, if that is you, this article isn’t for you.

This article is for the person who seems to constantly cycle around the Mulberry bush, bombs in relationships, and can’t seem to get on the top of anything. And, I mean anything.

Breaking It Down

Let’s take a quick look at the definition of the word empowerment:

to give somebody power or authority;
to give somebody a greater sense of confidence or self-esteem;
to invest with power, especially legal power or official authority;
to equip or supply with an ability; enable

and lastly, to authorize.

Empowerment is usually associated with some “one” versus some “thing.” For instance, I’d like to believe my teachings empower you to transition through life victoriously, triumphantly, and confidently. The police are empowered to protect civilians and enforce the laws for their state. Congress is empowered to create laws for the people of the United States. But let’s take a moment and look at some things you are constantly empowering whether you are aware or not—whether you believe it or not.

You empower your thoughts, feelings, and words twenty-four-seven. And, what happens when you empower negative thoughts, feelings and words? You give them the authority and the confidence to attract the negativity you have been thinking, feeling or speaking which after a matter of time manifests. This is called the Law of Attraction: the rule, commandment, regulation, and formula of attraction for your life.

Beliefs You Might Harbor

So, if you blatantly or subtly think and feel people are innately evil and can’t be trusted; and you say life’s a you-know-what and then you die, you give power to such creating law for your life. I bet you never believed you were that powerful. I’m here to tell you, you are!

How about the continued, subtle belief you are not worthy and don’t deserve to be happy? What manifests? You receive a life full of unhappiness, struggle, failed relationships and then some. Here’s another belief you may have had more than once. “Good guys always finish last.” Are you possibly doing everything right, taking all the right steps, using all the correct formulas but you keep winding up at the end of the line or on the bottom of the pile?

And ladies, here’s one just for you, “There are no more good guys left.” And voilá! You have wound up with a dead-beat, abusive, loser for a mate.

Your thoughts, feelings, and words whether negative or positive are the power: the influence, the supremacy, the control behind what you now see. Whether consciously or subconsciously, blatantly or subtly you have:

invested in; and
given authority; specifically, legal authority
enabled and equipped these creating your life.

Do You Co-create Your Life?

People often confront me with, “Are you suggesting I asked for these bad things to happen?” My response is always the same, "No. Not consciously. Not unless you are a sadist or you somehow believe you have to suffer." And, I might add many do believe they must suffer. In fact, many religions require you suffer in order to be worthy of entering into the Kingdom of God.

However, I believe the price has been paid for each and every person and the Kingdom of God is with men (Ref. Luke 17:21). I believe you were created to live an abundant, happy, triumphant life (Ref. John 10:10). I also believe all of your needs are supplied and taken care of according to the abundant riches the Universe has to offer (Ref. Philippians 4:19). I believe there is no lack. However; somewhere, somehow life got in your way and you may have possibly lost the divine plan for your incredibly divine life.

An Easy Solution

While the solution for reversing what you have empowered for your life is quite simple, accomplishing such is easier said than done. And what is the simple solution? Change your thoughts, change your words, and change your feelings. Actually just change your thoughts and the feelings and words will follow. You see, I told you it was easier said than done. But it is the solution.

You see, the imaginative mind is like a pair of scissors daily cutting out what it sees eventually meeting face-to-face in the physical world what it has created. These thoughts are on a subconscious level but your life is the living proof they are at work.

So, here is my last question to you today. Please be honest with yourself. To what have you given authority: a person; a thought, a feeling, or an entity even? If the results for your life are not what you desire, why not start the miraculous walk of changing those results today.

Author's Bio: 

Pamela Chapman is an author, blogger, spiritual teacher, healer, and master manifestor whose goal is simply teaching others how to transition into a triumphant, victorious, overcoming life in these challenging times. She uses radical, yet loving, out-of-the box tools as well as spiritualism to bring healing, awakening, and manifestation to assist those who come. Her spiritual quest spans 22 include two edge-of-death experiences. To experience Pamela's work a
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