First of all, let's clarify the question of why more and more people want to buy Instagram followers in the first place, instead of relying on the fact that enough followers will appear on their own over time.

Experience shows that Instagram users prefer to follow accounts that already have a more or less high number of followers. Profiles that have few or no followers, on the other hand, find it much more difficult to convince users of themselves and to gain their first followers.

For this reason, more and more influencers, politicians, companies, celebrities and even ordinary people come up with the idea of spicing up their Instagram statistics with bought followers.

This not only looks better at first glance, but should also increase future success by increasing the reach more quickly and adding numerous real followers in a short time. This idea is not fundamentally wrong, but in reality it is not quite as simple as it sounds, because there is a lot to consider and consider.

This is particularly due to the fact that, on the one hand, many black sheep have discovered this market for themselves and, on the other hand, customers and business partners are often skeptical of bought followers, so that one should not be tempted by the cheapest and therefore mostly inferior offers.

Benefits of buying Instagram followers

Now let's look at the benefits of buying followers. Undoubtedly the biggest benefit, if done right, is that online marketing success is much faster.

In addition, there is the possibility of saving a lot of time with comparatively little financial outlay, which can be better invested in your work in other ways.

The following is an overview of the advantages of buying Instagram followers:

● faster overall success
● more real followers
● low cost
● Time saving
● much less work
● higher credibility
● greater range
● higher probability of gaining more followers
● faster gain of more followers

What should you watch out for when buying Instagram followers?

So if you want to buy Instagram followers, you should consider a few things so as not to harm yourself. It is particularly important not to pay attention primarily to the price, since the cheapest offers are usually completely worthless.

As a rule, these are dodgy providers who mediate bots and inactive accounts. Although these increase the number of followers, they do not add any additional value.

Furthermore, they can damage your own reputation as soon as it becomes apparent that these are not real followers, but only bot followers.

It is usually not difficult to find out because, on the one hand, the profile pictures are usually missing and, on the other hand, there are accounts that have not written a single post.

If a significant proportion of your followers are made up of such profiles, then it stands to reason that they are bought followers. To make matters worse, the bots often also distribute porn and other questionable content, which can also have a negative impact on one's own reputation.

Here is a summary of the points that should be considered:

● choose a reputable provider
● don't fall for the cheapest deals
● make sure that real followers are bought

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they can damage your own reputation as soon as it becomes apparent that these are not real followers