Have you ever just wanted someone really rooting for you to succeed? A star athlete is guided and cheered by his or her coach to greater victory in every competition. When the competition is life itself, however, few of us have someone at our side.

Getting that gold medal for your own life can sound impossible, but it isn’t. That’s where a life coach comes in. A life coach is not a counselor. He or she will guide you to achieve the best results possible in life. Having you win is the goal.

If you have ever felt that you are trying your hardest but aren’t achieving what you could in business and relationships, a life coach can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

A life coach will help you create clear goals. It’s important to really be focused on what you want. When you get sidetracked, however, you and your life coach can discuss the reasons and problems. This kind of clarity can help you move on to the next step in the life you’ve envisioned for yourself.

Life coaching will hold you accountable for your actions. There are no participation trophies in life. If you procrastinate or resist, you won’t succeed. Sometimes, we are guided by our own limiting beliefs. There is always a voice that whispers, “I can’t do that.” These beliefs invariably keep us at a standstill in life or, worse, moving backward. A life coach will challenge limiting or self-defeating beliefs. The whisper will gradually change into a loud, “I can!” Limiting beliefs are limiting only in our own mind, not reality. Few of us reach our true and actual potential. We are held back not by our ability, but by our fears. Life coaching helps you move toward success instead of acting to avoid fear and disappointment.

While family and friends can lend support, but they are rarely unbiased. Mom may tell you that you can do anything, but can she really guide your steps along the way?

Life comes with lots of distractions. It can be difficult to keep your mind on your goal when there are so many other things you could be doing. It’s more fun to spend the weekend at the beach with friends than to consider opportunities that will get you ahead. Gorging at the BBQ is a lot more enjoyable than remembering your fitness goals and sticking to them. Life coaching keeps you focused on what’s important. It’s all about you. Your life coach is there to remind you how small distractions can have a huge effect on your dreams.

Unlike your Mom, your life coach won’t tell you how wonderful you are. He or she will challenge you to go further and keep exceeding your limitations. You will keep improving yourself. Setting higher goals is the path to winning life’s gold medals. A life coach is an investment in yourself.

While you can persevere and achieve success on your own, it will probably take longer and more effort. Even with a clear life plan, you can’t always avoid the stumbling blocks. They are a natural part of life. So, you have to work harder. Think of life as trying to find a specific place in a strange city where you don’t speak the language. You can diligently wander around, search for landmarks as you keep going, get past roadblocks, and you will get lost a few times before you finally find your place. Life coaching is your road map in life. It gets you where you’re going faster with less chaos. Quite simply, your life coach will save you lots of time, frustration and anxiety.

If success is your goal, you’re a smart person. Many people don’t even have goals. This puts you far ahead of the crowd. But is intelligence all you need? Edison was smart, too. So, what’s the real difference between you and Edison? Probably less than you think. The one huge difference, though, is attitude. Defeat was never an option because Edison had an attitude for success. Just because you’re hungry for success doesn’t mean your attitude isn’t holding you back. We aren’t always self-aware enough to fundamentally understand our attitude and how it affects our actions. This is where the support of life coaching can be invaluable.

A life coach remains non-judgmental. He or she knows it won’t always be easy. Changing one’s attitude can bring on its own problems. Your life coach is there for encouragement to help you over the bumps in the road. He or she can help you through this period of change. Friends can be an excellent sounding board. But your life coach can help you uncritically examine issues as they arise and deal with them. This can open new possibilities you may have never considered.

Albert Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” With the same attitude, you will continue to achieve the same results. There’s no getting around that. When your attitude changes from fear and negativity to positivist and determination with the help of a life coach, your life’s script will almost write itself.

Nothing will keep your from succeeding more than a self-defeating attitude. You may be capable, but if you lack confidence, ability can easily fail you. Maybe you don’t think of yourself as the type of person who comes out on top. Perhaps the very heights unnerve you. Some of these beliefs have a history going back to childhood and can be firmly en grained. They are like building blocks that have built your beliefs about yourself. A life coach can help dismantle those blocks and enable you to build a different, more beneficial belief system. You are a capable person, and your life coach can help you develop the confidence to reach your full potential. By raising your self-confidence, you automatically raise your expectations.

When you want to succeed, you are probably spending a lot of energy, time and money on reading the right books and attending relevant seminars. Will these actions be helpful? Maybe they will, or maybe they are just another expensive detour. Life coaching is tailor-made to your specific situation. It’s for you alone. Your life coach will guide you specifically where you want to go instead of herding you along with a roomful of other seekers for answers. In the long run, this saves you a lot of money.
Do you think you can’t afford a life coach? That’s an excuse. If you become committed to success, you can’t afford not to have a life coach. We all need help at times. Your first attitude change should be that you will find a way to afford it. That’s the first step in your commitment. Ask yourself this: can you afford not to have a mentor? Thinking that you can to do it on your own is simply just another belief that is self-limiting.

Life coaching won’t produce instant results. It won’t get you from the mail room to the board room in an instant. What your life coach can do is help you with a plan that has a step by step outline on how to improve your life. It’s not an overnight process. It’s a life’s journey.

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Fares Benouhiba is an entrepreneur and the CEO of https://www.positivia.fr a French website dedicated to self improvement with a focus on life coaching, motivation, and happiness.