Have you ever felt that you were getting ready for an adventure? Or that you were preparing for a journey that will absolutely empower your life? Well, as you know everyday retreats can happen at anytime. One of my favorite retreats is a travel retreat and here is one that I’d love sharing with you.

Last year under the disguise of attending a marketing workshop, I began a travel and soul retreat that has not only quenched my thirst but has connected me with the hearts and minds of many wonderful people. Our journey began in April 2008….

…on the way to the airport, I realized that in my excitement I hadn’t eaten breakfast. So I stopped at a convenience store for a snack and a Snapple. Although, I was thirsty, I decided to wait until I checked into the airport to quench my thirst.

When I got to the airport and told myself, “I’ll drink my drink when I get to the gate while I am waiting for the plane to depart.” Security, nicely but firmly, let me know, “Ma’am either you will have to throw your drink away or drink it here.” Looking at myself with my purse and briefcase on one arm and my shoes, phone and other small items in my other hand, I look at him and with a smile, I tell him, “Instead of throwing it away, I would like for you to enjoy the drink instead.”

Thirsty, yet still excited, I tell myself, “When I get to the gate, I am going to get something to drink”. I get to the gate and waiting for me directly across from it is an A&W fast food restaurant. I purchase a large root beer soda and find a seat, ready to enjoy one of my favorite drinks. With one sip, I realize that there is way too much syrup for me to enjoy and I decide, “When I get on the flight, I am going to get something to drink.”

Now the flight from Raleigh, NC to Charlotte is short and I am not sure if drinks were available or if they served them after I dozed off. The one thing I knew for sure is, I heard myself saying once again, “Before I get on the next flight, I am going to get something to drink!”

Traveling through the Charlotte airport with its excitement and wonderful energy I almost forgot my thirst until I came upon the food court that rests between two concourses. Being a smoothie connoisseur, I choose a large pineapple, mango, and banana smoothie to nourish and quench my thirst! I am exhilarated!

I take one sip and walk a few feet over to the moving sidewalk to continue my journey. Before I step on the walk, my foot twists, I fell completely down, the smoothie flipped up and before I knew it I was being helped up by a friendly couple who just happened to have tissues handy to help with the smoothie which is now all over me, my hair and my purse! The Universe always gives us what we need!

Smiling and knowing that this is much more than simply thirst, I made my way to my gate and instead of looking for another drink I sat down and asked the Universe, “What am I to learn from this?” The answer was not an answer but a question? What are you thirsty for?

This question not only carried me through the flight but sixteen months later I am still full with the answers and the journey that started that day.

It is amazing what altitude can do for your inner view. I pondered the question and realized that although I was attending a marketing workshop that was not what my soul longed for, it was not what I was thirsty for.

Even more than the marketing, I was thirsty for new beginnings. As a solo-preneur, I was looking for a community of people who were as passionate and excited about building their business, as I was mine. I was thirsty for the personal growth that learning updated marketing strategies would bring. I was thirsty for adventure!

Satisfied that I answered my question, I settled down for the rest of the flight and dozed a little while I waited for the flight attendant to say, Ma’am, what would you like to drink?” “Sprite”, I said and dozed back to sleep.

When I arrived at the workshop from the cocktail party on Tuesday to the last moment on Friday my thirst was quenched. There were drinks everywhere; water, coffee and tea but most importantly I met the most amazing women who were passionate about their businesses and stepping into them in a greater way. We shared the joy of learning new techniques over lunch and planned next steps and even listened intently as we challenged our mindsets. We all became creatively intoxicated as we drank up the joy of growth.

As I look back, sixteen months later, I can see that my thirst transformed into a full appetite, which changed the full trajectory of my life but more about what I was hungry for in another article!

Before I leave, your assignment for this week is:

Ask yourself, “What am I thirsty for?” sit a while and let the answers speak to you.

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